Sinful in Sacramento

Tit Collars

Okay I wasn’t all that sinful. I just took a drive to Best Buy to solve a technical issue and to a local park to stretch my legs and clear my head. But damn did it feel good to get out and about on my own, with nowhere that I had to go, and no one that I had to answer to, just myself and my own whims.

Sacramento, as it turns out, is not exactly the “place to go” if you are looking for scenic beauty. Or for any kind of privacy with nature. There were people everywhere!

I took my own scenery with me, hoping to find some place to show them off to the birds and trees and dry, brown, grasses, and maybe get a snap or two to show you all.

No such luck.  But I was ready!

[KGVID width=”384″ height=”300″][/KGVID]

Can't tell a thing, can you?

Can’t tell a thing, can you? (I think that’s a disappointment to W.) ;-)

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  1. W

    Hi guys, W here. What Jade is wearing are tit collars. You can see more pictures and a little history about them here. (Several of the photos enlarge to show a lot of detail.)

    I make these myself, but if anyone is interested in making your own, or having me make you a set, contact Jade through the “Contact Me” link in the header above and she will pass the message on to me.

    We have both had a lot of fun with them!


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