Sinful Sunday – Panties

There is so much hinted at in this picture. The man’s hand (who’s hand is it? not W’s…) The hanging rope. The hint of movement in the blurred edges of the image. The glint of silver beneath the black lace.  There’s a story here.

But maybe I’ll let you make up your own.

Panties for SinfulSunday

Posted for Sinful Sunday’s “Panties” theme. To read lots about Panties from many different perspectives, see Kink of the Week: Panties. And don’t forget, the Kink of the Week starts up again this week, and is waiting for YOU to join in the fun!

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  1. Molly

    Hmmm how intriguing…although is it weird that I read your blog so much and look at your images that the moment I saw this image I knew that hand was not ‘W’s….. maybe I have been studying far tooooooooo closely


  2. drew

    My favorite panty thing is …on the spur of the moment, make my sub remove them discreetly in a restaurant or a coffee shop, ball them up and slip them to me by palming them. The next few days when I get bored, I will enjoy the fragrance of them as I drive along……then they go back to her for a “recharge”! LOL

    1. Jade Post author

      I have a very sexy story that goes something like that. Hmm, wonder if I’ve ever told it here? And yes – hot idea!

  3. Heaven

    Damn you are right makes me wonder about everything that happened while this picture was taking. I will just have to use my imagination.


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