The State of the Bush


Way back at the beginning of my trip, I mentioned that I was going razor-less for this month while I was in CA. I wish I could say it was some kind of statement I was making, but alas, it wasn’t. It was just laziness and an opportunistic personality on my part: no sex, no Guys = no razor!

And an opportunity to amuse myself and the Guys by showing off pics of the bushy-bush getting bushier.

I also mentioned last time I blogged that W had told me to do something to help alleviate my despair vague unhappiness over not having any kink or sex in my life at the moment.

“Find something (safe) and stick it inside yourself,” he told me.

Apparently I could have been a lot more creative than I was, because when I told him what I used, he suggested a whole slew of alternatives I could have chosen (and that probably would have been a lot more fun.) A carrot, a broom handle, the handle of a brush…

All I could come up with was the same sex toy I had used the day before when he told me to take a nap with my black buttplug in.

Apparently this environment has stunted my kink-creativity. But it did give me an opportunity to show off my sexy little fourchette.

I love my lil winky fourchette.

The black buttplug NOT being a buttplug.

Here’s the toy in all its glory, as given to me by Molly as a prize for the Sinful Sunday photo contest I won. It’s actually quite a nice little buttplug. The material is different – not exactly rubber, but not hard plastic either, and the “venting” stripes make long-term wear much more comfortable. I wish I had saved the packaging so I knew where it came from/what it is. I love my Njoys, but I would not hesitate to recommend this one, and it might even be more comfortable than the Njoy for long-term use, since it is lighter and the shape gives it a different feel. I’d also love to get fucked with it in. ~hint hint~ ;-)


I think my pussy likes it as much as my…you know. ;-)

Anyway, for your (and W’s) edification, here’s the bushy-bush, about ten days into the Great No-Shave Experiment:

A lil bushy (this is about nine days of no-shaving.)

A little bushy.

And ten (or so) days after that:

Not really that much bushier. Apparently my hair grows slow down there.

Actually looks LESS furry to me. Apparently my hair grows slow down there. Or starts to grow inward.

And this is this evening.

More bushy-bush!

Even more bushy-bush!

But wait, there’s more!

Check it out…when I said “no razor,” I really meant NO razor.


I think my little furry pits are kinda cute.

Here’s my confession, though…

I bought a razor today. And I “cleaned up” the bushy-bush a little, shaved my legs and my pits. I have a “day off” from caregiving and am heading over to the coast tomorrow, all on my own. And who knows who I might meet while I’m out and about? A hunky park ranger…a handsome hiker?

Or perhaps a fellow blogger…

“Be prepared,” is my motto.

Okay, not really. But it sounded good. And, you know, it is a good idea to be prepared.

Just in case. ;-)


  1. ancilla ksst

    I”m loving the bush! You know what they say “Two hands in the bush are better than a bird with a stone” …. or something like that. My Master one time made me grow out my armpit hair for a while and I hated it! Couldn’t wait to get back to shaving that part of me.


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