February Photofest – Day 1

I’ve joined the Challenge! Each day, along with my regular posts, I will be posting a single image for the February Photofest.

I was on the fence yesterday about how I was going to structure it, if it was going to be a stand-alone image, or if I would allow it to be part of a lengthier post, but I’ve decided to adhere to what I consider the heart of the challenge: a solitary image that tells its own story – or lets you make one up. I may title the image, or might just let it stand on its own, but I am going to challenge myself shut the hell up and move out of the way of the image, and let it speak for itself. (Of course, being me, I may expound upon it or expand upon it with other images and words in another post. We’ll see.) ;-)

Day 1: Bushy Collage

Bushy Collage

Bushy Collage

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