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February Photofest – Day 10

Day 10: You’re Not Supposed to Laugh


Check out the rest of the participants challenging themselves to post an image every day in February!



  1. hee hee… I have those moments too.

  2. I guess you were laughing of nerves, right? ;)

    Rebel xox

  3. Laughter can be a fear response too ;-)

  4. I love how so many of your pictures are full of joy and laughter.

  5. I always laugh if I’m in a situation I find challenging in some way….some cry, some go quiet, I get the giggles. Great shot

    Flip xx

  6. We have a good friend, a male submissive, who very much laughs when he’s in a good place in a scene. His Mistress often has Serafina warm him up, as she’s a sadist and the starting with soft stuff isn’t her biggest thrill. I always enjoy watching them, seeing him laughing as it leads to Serafina giggle as she flogs him – priceless!

    What an awesome image!

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