February Photofest – Day 20


Day 20 – Pre-Boobday Travel Day

I am already having to make a departure from the Scavenger Hunt pics that I have been posting, but I have a good reason: I am traveling and don’t have access to those files here in the hotel so I can post more of them.

I’ll get back to them as soon as I get to where I am going though.

In the meantime, in honor of Hyacinth’s Boobday Friday theme this week, I took some snaps here in the hotel room, with W in mind. You (and he) can probably guess the theme (although this is a clothed version of it) if you don’t already know it and don’t feel like going over and looking at it, but if not, stay tuned and all will be revealed Friday. ;-)

For you, W, even when I am traveling far from you!





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