February Photofest – Day 21

Side Black & White

Day 21: Sideboob Boobday!

I finally managed to get in on the “Boobday Friday” fun!

As I mentioned in my post yesterday, I spent Wednesday evening at the hotel I stayed in on the road to my Pennsylvania housesit taking pictures just for this post, because sideboob is something W adores. The pics that I posted were fun, but I really liked the one I chose for Hyacinth’s “Sideboob” theme. This is the one I sent to her, cropped for her blog:

Side Boob for W

And this is the uncropped version:

Full Black & White

I kind of like the way it turned out.

I also took these two.  The one above showed more sideboob, (I don’t have a lot to show regardless) so that’s why I chose it, but I liked these as well.

Side Black & White

Blk and wht in Akron

So there you have it! My first Official For-Real Boobday Friday Post!


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  1. John

    For obvious reasons, I can’t play with Boobday, but there are some great boobday pictures here ;-)

    Colleague has just asked me what I am doing on my laptop during my lunch break.

    Answer: “You don’t want to know!”

  2. Flip

    I love the second of the pics you posted, the uncropped version of the top one….just because, whilst I always(usually anyway) crop my own pics, there’s somehting beautiful about seeing the whole image. In some ways there’s a vulnerability to that uncropped version that can’t be conveyed by cropping….

    Great pics :)

    Flip x


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