February Photofest – Day 22

2013-07-20 15.21.11

Now that I am here at my housesit in Pennsylvania and finally getting settled in for the month, I promise to post other stuff soon (and hopefully getting back to my initial one-image-per-Photofest-post as well.) But meanwhile, more (drunken) Scavenger Hunting, continued from the Restaurant/Bar…

If you are wondering why I have such a shit-eating grin on my face, it’s because I had a wee-bit to drink up at that lovely restaurant…possibly more than I should have, because soon I was taking my clothes off everywhere. That Miss America wave I was doing may also be a result of one (or 3) too many glasses of wine!

Day 22 – Tipsy in the Street

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PS – Yes, that is someone driving down the street behind me. Oops! Though it’s not as if Grafton hasn’t seen its share of drunken debauchery…

And that’s a wrap! A Street Scavenger Hunt. I don’t know how many that is now. (Need to update the page I guess.)


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