February Photofest – Day 25


So let’s get back to that silly, drunken day in Grafton last summer. (Oh my god I could wish myself back in time to that day, especially when I contemplate having to go out in 18 degree weather! If wishes were horses, right?)

When we last left off I was…oh yes, flashing the Guys in the street. Next stop…

Day 25: Breakwater

A little explanation is necessary here about exactly where we were. (I know, I said I was just going to post one picture and less blah blah blah… These Scavenger Hunts need a little set-up, though, dammit!  So sue me. Anyway…)

Grafton is a small river town that consists of one main street that runs along the riverfront. It’s lined by restaurants & bars, and in the summer can be a raucous place on a Saturday night – people come here to boat, fish, float on the river and drink. It was kind of quiet this day, as the town has undergone an economic downturn along with the rest of the country, but there were enough people around to make my…silliness…noted.

Thank god for Guys that keep me in check, right?

In any case, I really wanted to get “boat dock,” or “harbor,” since there is a place where everyone parks their boats right there, but every time I got close, someone came by, the last of which was the local harbor police, who might have felt we were loitering a bit too much. (Because we’re such bad characters up to no good! Oh wait, we were up to no good…)

So, okay, I settled for the next best thing. Down about a half block from the harbor was this breakwater, intended to keep boat waves from coming into the place where people tie up their boats.



The thing is, I don’t see “breakwater” on the list. I see “Jetty/Quay/Pier” but I am not sure that is what this is. Whatcha think? A new location for the Scavenger Hunt, or is it a Jetty/Quay/Pier”?



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  1. Curvaceous Dee

    I think we can count this as a new location – it’s different enough. In New Zealand (or possibly in my geography class in high school when I learned about them?) we call them ‘groynes’.

    Love the pics!

    xx Dee


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