February Photofest – Day 26


Continuing down the river (isn’t there a song about going down the river?) from yesterday’s post, we found ourselves on a beach with some amazing pieces of driftwood. I was so excited, “Look, look, driftwood! We have to get driftwood!”

My nearly-pickled brain didn’t register W’s perspicacious question, “Is driftwood even on the Scavenger Hunt list?” (The answer is “no”. But, but, it should be, right??)

Day 26: Driftwood Diva

I was circumspect, maybe even a little coy, at first. After all, there were boaters partying, er, just across the river on the opposite bank. Wouldn’t want them to know there was a drunken slut who was likely to throw her clothes off at the slightest provocation, now would we?driftwood4


But then, well…

Blame the alcohol.





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  1. Curvaceous Dee

    Oh, these are awesome photos! And what great enormous driftwood! I’ve added a new location, because how could I not? ‘Driftwood (large)’ is now officially on the list, as are you :)

    xx Dee


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