February Photofest – The End!


Well here we are at the end of this fun challenge, and I am happy to say that I was able to complete it, posting at least one photo a day (and sometimes far more) every day in the month of February. Thank you Molly, for hosting this interesting and…challenging…challenge!

For my own “accounting,” I think I would have liked to have been able to stick with the “one photo, no words” theme that I had started out with, but circumstances made that too difficult. I don’t apologize for adapting and changing that rule partway in, but I may try to stick to that if we play this game next year. Additionally, I would really have liked to have created a new photo each day for the challenge, instead of going through my archives – W is a mad photographer of all our encounters, and so I have reams and reams of photos from the past I could post, as well as the photo documentaries that we have of all the fun we have playing along with the various memes and such, but I think it would make it more of a challenge to photograph something erotic each day. Kind of an erotic #365gratitude if you will, a way to keep a touchstone on my own eroticism daily. But, all in all, I think I did well and count it as a completed challenge. :-)

Oh, almost forgot! I need to post one last picture. Well, okay, two. Just…because.

These are current ones, but I’m not going to explain anything about them for the moment. I actually do have words to say and post (and some additional non-erotic pictures to post as an adjunct to this) but for the moment, I will just post these and let you imagine what you will. :-)

Day 28: The End!

2014-02-25 22.15.55


 And that, my friends, concludes the February Photofest Challenge!


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