Picture Request: Travel Predicament


Recently I was flirting chatting with a fellow writer friend who I flirted with met in Las Vegas at the Erotic Author Association conference a few years back, and have stayed in touch with ever since, about my then-upcoming train ride from hell to California. During the discussion we somehow got on the subject of sex. (I know, how can that be? Two erotica writers chat and sex comes up?? Say it isn’t so!) Anyway, more specifically the talk turned into a “what if.” As in, “What if you were tied standing up next to the bunkbeds, facing them spreadeagle, so that you couldn’t see what was going on in the lower bunk…what was being done to you…”

It was a delightful little fantasy. One that I (sadly) did not get the chance to act out in real life, but which I told my friend I would try to act out for a photo, if the opportunity presented itself.

One morning that opportunity presented itself.  Well, I made the opportunity present itself, “accidentally-on-purpose” leaving my cellphone in our room when Mom and I went for breakfast. “Sit tight, Mom,” I said, “I’ll be right back.” And hightailed it downstairs.

You should have seen me shucking out of my clothes and wrestling the bunkbed down (they put them up against the wall during the day and those things are heavy!) then trying to figure out how to tie myself spreadeagle, and still be able to click the cellphone camera! I did figure out the timer on the damn thing, but…well…it was a a bit of a mess.  Still, it was a much-needed respite from my mother and the barren Land-of-No-Kink, even if it didn’t turn out quite as well as I had hoped! Today’s earlier Photo of the Day is one of the pics. These are two more. I don’t think they turned out all that bad, to be honest, and the idea may yet turn into a sexy story, if I can put it down on paper.

Thanks for the idea and the fun in an otherwise unfun trip, Nik!




  1. Nik

    Yay! You pulled it (and your clothes) off! That was an ingenious solution. I’m glad it worked out. I need to start writing.


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