#KOTW – Cuff Me, Please


Handcuffs, that is.

I read some lovely posts this week that discussed leather cuffs…which kind I do have and love, and even (when I am lucky, when W allows) occasionally sleep in, but what I meant when I posted the topic of “handcuffs” was the metal sort – you know, the kind that police use when apprehending a suspect. There is a very distinct difference between leather cuffs and traditional handcuffs, the psychology of which is exactly what makes playing with metal handcuffs so…

Well, just so. If you’ve played with them, you know what I’m talking about.

The first time W played with me he used handcuffs.

And a heavy steel chain, and a ball gag, and later, a hood. (And god, did I ever look that young??)

But that’s another story.

He’s used them a few times since. A couple of times because the glint of metal worked visually…

…with the glint of metal elsewhere.

But it’s not the pretty glint of metal, the photo opps, that gets me…well…gets me where I live.

So to speak.

He doesn’t play with them in actual, dynamic, BDSM play very often. He doesn’t like them much because handcuffs – the metal ones, the ones that lock, the ones that people always say, “you’ve got the key, right?” about, real handcuffs – are brutal. Painful in the “not good” way. Dehumanizing.

Dangerous even.

But it’s when he plays with them like that…

That I crave.


From “Industrial Fuck” – click to read.

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  1. Jane

    It has been so interesting to read all the different perspectives on handcuffs for this edition of Kink of the Week. Like you, I draw a clear distinction between metal handcuffs (which I am not keen on) and leather cuffs (which I LOVE). So fascinating to see how we all respond and perceive differently the harshness of the metal variety. Jane xxx

  2. Marie Rebelle

    I had a feeling that my post about leather cuffs was not really what you meant, but I have worked into my post that I really want to try the police issue cuffs. I want to feel them around my wrists, experience how they make me feel, how they hurt. And seeing your pics make me realize even more how much I want to experience them!

    Rebel xox


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