Lace, Locks & Fire. Oh, and Boobs.


Yep, it’s that day again: Friday is Boobday! This week’s theme is “lace,” which was a perfect match for the fun I had the other day when W told me to go out in something sexy. The bra that matches those panties happens to be my favorite, and it also happens to be covered in lace!

So, something cool that W has done is give me a few “Picture Requests” of his own while we’re separated. I took him on a virtual tour of the house I’m staying at, and he made some suggestions about pictures he’d like me to take.

One was a picture in front of the fireplace.

I’d been missing him that day, and wearing the lock and chain that I have makes me feel close to him, so I had been wearing it that day, so…we have lace, a lock & a fireplace!

Oh, and boobies.

(I realized after I took the pictures that the best way to see the fire in the grate is to – duh – have the rest of the room be dark. So…maybe I gotta do a do-over. But hey, I have a lot of time on my own here, I think I can manage that.)

Anyway, here’s my favorites from my pitiful attempt at showing off…the fireplace…






 Now go check out the picture I chose for Hyacinth’s Boobday blog post, and all the rest of the oh-so-sexy lacy-boobs there!

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