#SinfulSunday – Laughter is the Best Medicine


I was looking through the folder I have of scenes we have done, looking for scenes with laughter in them for this week’s prompt. We have a lot of scenes in which I am laughing.

This wasn’t one of them.

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Until the end!

Laughter really is the best medicine. I was having a rough morning, but looking though our pictures gave me some smiles…some joy…even some comfort.

It’s only two weeks until W gets here. If I could hold on through that scene above, and end up laughing, I can do the same here. :-)

Sinful Sunday


  1. Dumb Domme

    You have a killer smile, Jade. :)

    That last picture proves it — it’s a hot position with lots to look at — beautiful flesh, kickass heels, clamps, ropes… the works… yet my eye goes straight to your smile and it stays there (despite the other lovely distractions).

    Beautiful. :)

  2. Jane

    Oh, those spiky little balls! (I would definitely NOT be laughing if those were anywhere near me!) This is such a cool series of photographs – the contrast between the first images and that last one is so wonderful because they show the journey you were on to get to that lovely, happy moment. And your spectacular smile says just how worthwhile that journey was. Jane xxx

  3. Molly

    One of the things I have always loved about your blog and your video and images in particular is that they often show the fun and happiness that you guys have together. So often your pictures are filled with smiles. I think we even talked about it Atlanta that both W and Michael are firm believers in ‘it should be fun’ and I think your blog shows that off perfectly. Joyous, happy, hot, kink… How perfect is that,

    As for the next two weeks, focus on what it will be like when he gets there and I suspect he has been deprived whilst you have been away. Imagine how hungry he will be when he finally arrives…… best have a feast ready for him ;)


  4. Mia

    The smile in that last pic says it all fun!! Absence is difficult but when you are together the sparks will really fly again. I’m glad looking through the photos cheered you some!

    ~Mia~ xx

  5. Bunny

    Oh my gosh what a lovely smile you have. Life is too short to not have fun so I am so happy to see you enjoy yourself so much :)

  6. Heaven

    Looking at the first few pics I would not be laughing either but I am glad you were able to catch one in there at the end. Shows despite what was going on it made you smile. I have been there.

  7. KaziG

    That’s an ouchie bit of predicament!! I’d be smiling at the end too :)
    Hang in there… “This too shall pass…”

    ~Kazi xxx


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