#SinfulSunday – Macro Girlparts


Over at Dragon’s Kink, Kazi has been having fun all month with “macro” photography. I’ve long been a fan of bodyscapes, and have always wanted to do some photos in that style (and tried a time or two, with mostly less success.) I never realized that these are part of a photography style or genre known as “macro” photography, but I am enjoying seeing what Kazi comes up with. The other night, inspired by another of W’s Picture Requests, I decided to try some of my own, and show off the rings. After playing with the camera and angles I wasn’t sure I really wanted to post any of the images, because although I’ve written about my pussy for Molly’s Daily Kiss’ Pussy Pride Project (twice: here and here) and posted lots of pics in one of them, I’m still not all that comfortable with, you know, posting up-close cunt shots. Cunt shots just aren’t very pretty to me in general (and mine in particular) and, more to the point, it makes me a little…uncomfortable…to post pics of my pussy. (I know – hard to believe, right?)

Then today I saw Kazi’s Sinful Sunday post, Sealed with a Kiss, and I realized I had to get over this. I love my pussy and all its adornments, and especially, in this picture (in which I am wearing an additional piece of jewelry) my swollen, protruding clitoris.

Besides, I think W will really enjoy the fact that I am posting it.

So…before I lose my nerve…here’s my “macro” pussy, in all her beringed – and clit clamped – glory.





  1. KaziG

    Oh, I’m so glad you posted this! I really do consider our ladyparts to be works of art, each so different despite the same basic anatomy :)

    And you were the inspiration for me to get my rings, I have always admired yours!

    ~Kazi xxx

  2. shalla

    i have one of those!
    but with purple beads….

    and… ummm… i cant put it on by myself
    and… err… i don’t really trust many to put it on me

    beautiful picture!

    1. Jade Post author

      Yeah it doesn’t actually stay on long, and the rings interfere with the way it lays, unfortunately. But it served it’s purpose – to make a pic for W. :-)

    1. Jade Post author

      No it isn’t pinchy at all, to be honest. The only time it did a bit was when the very end of it pinched a bit taking it off.


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