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I haven’t had a lot to say lately. I’ve posted a lot of pictures, that’s for sure. And next week, I may not have pictures OR words to post, unless I schedule the last of the Alphabet Challenge pics, or maybe some more Scavenger Hunts, because W will be here and, um, I plan to be a teenie bit preoccupied.

I know, pretty boring. (The blog, not the being preoccupied by W.)

But there’re reasons for all this.

The past few weeks I haven’t really done anything interesting. I mean really, this is the sum total of things that have happened in the past 2 weeks:

  • One night, I went down into the basement to discover the sink was filled with water. Turns out the pipes had frozen. Much scrambling ensued to a) find someone who could repair the situation and 2) find some way to contact my homeowner, who is in Costa Rica and only available by email. Sometimes. After 24 hours of having no running water or toilets, the situation was finally resolved. (I am going to commend myself for my superior problem-resolution abilities here.)
  • That day, I decided to take the recycling in and buy birdseed, then take myself out to dinner. (You know, to celebrate being able to flush the toilet and brush my teeth.) The recycle center was closed. The feed store was closed. Two of the restaurants I tried were closed. I gave up and went home. And it needs to be noted: all of these places are 45 minutes away, driving in snow and ice.
  • Yet another night I decided to try to take myself out to dinner again. And a movie, because dammit, I wasn’t driving all that way just for a burger. There was what looked like a rather large restaurant and bar that I passed whenever I went to town advertising “steak, ribs & burgers” on a sign outside. When I went in, it was a smoky, dirty little dive bar. The woman looked at me like I was nuts when I asked where the restaurant was. “There ain’t no restaurant here,” she said. “We can make you a burger though.” There was so much cigarette smoke that eating there would have tasted like eating ashes. I declined the food but had a beer – what else could I do? – and listened to the regulars argue about why the Dollar Store wasn’t stocking Lil Debbie’s anymore.
  • Another night, desperate for something other than my own cooking (cooking in someone else’s kitchen, with someone else’s super-high-maintenance “rules” about using their kitchen, is really a pain in the ass) I went to yet another restaurant, quaintly called Three Wishes. It was one of those I had tried before during its stated business hours, but which hadn’t been open. I actually ended up having a decent steak – but the funny part is that inside it was all done up like 1001 Arabian Nights – complete with the waitresses in little kitschy Aladdin-inspired outfits!
  • One afternoon when I walked the dog, she decided to roll in skunk. ‘Nuff said.
  • Another morning when I let her out, she took off after a squirrel and would not come back. It’s hard to describe what it looks like here, but basically the house is on a hill, perched above the Delaware River. There has been so much ice and snow that the river has frozen over, as has the creek right next to the house. The snow lies in drifts on the riverbank like rolling hillocks, with (presumably) riverbank and creek and river beneath, but it’s hard to tell where any of that might be, precisely. Two days ago it started melting, and suddenly the creek is running, there are patches of muddy ground – and the hillocks have become ice canyons and icebergs – and all I can think, when I can’t find the damn dog, is that she has gone and got herself trapped in one. So at 5:30am I am out in -6 degree weather in my jammies, a coat and gloves and these stupid oversized crocs from my homeowner, climbing down the icy hillside and clambering over the icebergs, hoping I don’t fall in. Ten seconds after I send a prayer up to a god I didn’t believe in to bring the dog back safe, she saunters up to me (the dog, not god), looking like she’s wondering WTF I’m doing out on such a cold morning. Note I said, a god I “didn’t” believe in. Guess I’m a believer, huh? Thank (god) I didn’t promise anything stupid like, I don’t know, quitting sex or something.
  • And then one afternoon, for no reason I can discern, one of the giant plants that the homeowner keeps on top of her closet decided to commit suicide. Just threw itself over the edge to the floor.  NO idea how it fell off the shelf. I wasn’t even standing near it.  O.o



On the other hand, this also happened:

2014-02-22 07.37.38

And this:


And this:



Oh, and this:


Oh, and I found out Friday that as of July, I no longer have a job. (My real job, not the housesitting gigs.)

Yeah, there’s probably more words on the way.


  1. Malflic

    You can never trust plants or trees to behave. They’re always throwing themselves to the ground.

    For being somwhere so remote you’ve had an interesting stay.


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