Oops, I missed it again… #WETBoobday


…and I had it all ready to go. Bad Jade!

That’s right, it’s Boobday Friday, and once again I got busy and forgot to get mine sent in to the lovely & eloquent Hyacinth. (I’m tired of work and job hunting getting in the way of my sexy fun!) But don’t let that stop you from heading over to her blog to check out those lovely ladies that are more on top of their game than I am and actually sent in their luscious boobie shots. Today is #WETBoobday and it’s bound to bring out lots of beautiful breasts for you to admire.

(Edit: Turns out I’m not too late after all – see, I’m not a total loser! I can make a deadline occasionally…well okay, I didn’t make the deadline, but Hy is a great gal and let me sneak it in.) ;-)

So here’s my wet titties:


I like this picture (which, by the way, is from the same hotel stay that I posted about here) not only because I just love how perky my breasts are, but because it tells a story – or at least hints at one.

Oh, you want to know the rest of the story? Well, you know me, I live to serve…







 Happy #WETBoobday!



  1. Dan

    Now I know why he was always saying he’d keep the light on for you. I definitely need to spend more time in motels. Nice.

  2. Michael Samadhi

    Great boobday pics, but it’s the 2 pics of you putting your mouth to good use (only one of those even flashes a boob) that were my favorites from this post.

    “S” may have to be for showers! ;)


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