Orgasm Control, Day 4: Black Saturday

Gratuitous Butt Shot.

Quick update before the good stuff: I so fucking SUCK at interviewing. Bad, bad fucking day :-( But let’s move on to something more fun…


Black Saturday: black beads, black buttplug, black tit collars.

Yeah so where were we? Oh yeah, I had had two days of no orgasms.

Oddly enough, I wasn’t crazy with need or lust or whatever. But then, it had only been two days. Not exactly an eternity. I had learned a lot in those two days of experimentation, though, that’s for sure. And now…yeah, okay, I was ready for an orgasm.

Or, as it turned out, three.

Orgasm 1: Buttplug

Nope, no picture. Well, okay, except for this Gratuitous Butt Shot:

Gratuitous Butt Shot.

Gratuitous Butt Shot.

And yes, that is a whip mark from the previous Saturday. Or possible a belt mark. Or maybe a belt-on-cane mark. Anyway…ouchies, hooray! But no black butt plug, at least in this picture.

The morning’s missive was this:

“Insert butt plug now. Don’t remove until you have achieved an orgasm. (Timing at your discretion.)”

My reply:

“Buttplug inserted.

Two notes:
1. I’m in the middle of preparing an email for work so I’ll have to wear it until I’m done and can go get that orgasm. I’m hoping (Dogsit dog – name redacted for her privacy) won’t decide to get up before then.
2. I forgot lube.

Oh, and 3. The damn thing is making my pussy throb.”

W found it amusing that I had to sit through an hour-and-a-half of work with the buttplug in and then, just when I got done and was ready to diddle myself, the dog woke up and needed to go out.


You would think having three orgasms in a day would be lickety-split easy for me, especially as I was all alone, all day.

You would be wrong.

After another half hour of dealing with the dog, the plug was getting uncomfy and I was beginning to get irritable. Finally, in desperation (I really was feeling horny by then as well – yeah, discomfort makes me horny, go figure), I took Baldy into the bathroom, lay down on the floor and got myself off in about 3 minutes flat. I had to shake my head at my situation: having to hide in the bathroom from a dog to have an orgasm.

But you don’t get this dog. She’s really clingy. Wherever I was, that’s where she wanted to be.

W’s next emailed instruction was to get out of the house for awhile. Wearing the tit collars.



I took a nice long walk, and then, as an added bonus (and because, you  know – suck points) I took it even further and went into three different retail establishments, making an excuse to talk to someone in each store. Wearing the above, and looking, I’m sure, like I was very, very chilly.

I was kinda proud of myself, and this kind of play was having a wonderful effect on my psyche. The dogsit had been proving challenging for reasons I won’t go into now, and being bossed around by W was doing my head wonders.

Plus I knew he was also enjoying it.

I was all ready to have a nap and Orgasm #2 when I got back.

Ruh-roh. Remember Clingwrap Dog?


On my belly...

On my belly…

…right when I wanted an orgasm.


But I was determined. As long as we’re remembering something, remember what I said about liking the pinchiness of the tit collars? Yeah, well, I had worn them all that time, and gone out in them, and worn them in ways that I knew W would appreciate, so…I was ready for some self-love.

I made it work, Clingwrap Dog or not.


Orgasm #3

Third instruction: Insert anal beads, think about orgasms.

“Think” about orgasms? What about having orgasms? He didn’t give me direction about that though.

We ran into – or rather, I ran into – a small complication: no lube. Anal beads and no lube = no joy.

You have another hole, use that one.

So I did.

W has these awesome stainless steel balls that he occasionally shoves inside me. And then, occasionally, he fucks me with them in.

The anal beads were not exactly W’s stainless steel balls. (Hehe, “W’s stainless steel balls.”) Anyway, they weren’t, but they kept me thinking about my cunt throughout the rest of the afternoon. But (again) I was blocked by the dog until nearly midnight. Fifteen minutes until midnight.

My last communication with W: OMG I’ve got 15 minutes! Gotta go!

Yes. Success.

Oh, and W’s last communication with me? Preview for tomorrow: Five orgasm for Day 5.


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