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Orgasm Control, Day 5: Five O’s

This was my last day of orgasm control play with W, and my order from him was to have five orgasms that day.

Seriously, only five?? Once upon a time I’d had 10 orgasms in 1 hour.   But…

This was different. Had been all along. I was alone, and it just hadn’t been that easy to do without one or the other of the Guys there.

But hey, I was game to try!

Orgasm 1

Orgasm 2


Orgasm 3 


Orgasm 4


The first four happened pretty fast, pretty easy. Orgasm 5 was a fail though – at least at first. I was trying to get away from my little doggie buddy so I thought I’d try the handy dandy hand-held shower attachment. Unfortunately, it wasn’t the right kind of attachment, and the spray was sharp and stingy instead of deep and thuddy, so I got nowhere.

By the time I got out of the shower, I was tired and tender form all the toy use – something I don’t do much, and I’d been using them a lot that week.

Me: I’m gonna have to take a “tried-but-failed” on number 5. It’s hard to do like this [alone.] But it’s been easier to do since we’ve been doing it “together.” [I’d been reporting each orgasm as I had them, and enjoying doing so immensely.]

Him: You still have 30 minutes. Plenty of time.

Me: [Whine.] Oh, okay… [Fifteen minutes later] I’m trying, but…

Him: Fifteen minutes. Do it.

My pussy is wired so weird. Just reading that from him – coming as a command – and suddenly my cunt was throbbing and…yeah. Five minutes later, no toys, no distraction, just the thought of him telling me to do it and bada boom bada bing – success!

SinfulSundayLips150Note: This will be my last regular post for awhile. As some of you know, or may have read here, I’m in the process of conducting a job search – a chore that I deplore. It is also one that is taking an inordinate amount of my time and energy – time and energy that I usually spend writing and reading about my favorite topics: sex and kink. So until I get things figured out, I’ll be MIA here, at least for the most part. I’ll try to post a little something here and there, and I’ll be back strong and sassy soon, but for now, wish me luck – and speed. The sooner I get my work situation straightened out, the sooner I get back to writing about kink!


  1. Mmm . . . sometimes when you want something??? Glad you achieved. And I’m intrigued by one of those toys!!!
    Xxx – K

    • Only one? I’m curious which one it is…

  2. Somewhere during this series of yours, Master T put me on orgasm denial and of course I will be writing about it. I have enjoyed reading about your orgasm control adventure.

    Good luck with the job hunting and hope to see you back soon!

    Rebel xox

    • Oh, I wonder how that is going! If I have some time I’ll have to take a peek and see if you’ve written about it yet. :-)

      And thank you for the well wishes…it’s a chore, for sure.

  3. Orgasm control is such fun to play with! Great post.

    Know that you will be greatly missed in your absence! Hurry back!

    • It certainly had it’s moments and kept me busy while I was there. :-)

      I miss all you guys too – hope to get back to my normal lunacy soon!

  4. Great tale. Thanks. The Mrs. and I are on assignment to Go Solo 1x or 2x a week, to stay on top of orgasmic control, a close cousin to ejaculatory control for men, right? Most guys would LOVE to be able to a) do a quickie on demand b) go an hour or two if she’s up for it. I’ve not tried but love the idea of ordered, power exchange orgasms being required or denied. Now go get that great job you deserve.

    • I too love the idea of the inherent power exchange in orgasm control. Good luck with your experiment, and thank you for the vote of confidence – I can use it right now.

  5. Glad you finally got to have a few orgasms, and gladder still that you took so many beautiful shots to share with us. Good luck with the job search; hope you’re back soon!

    • I was glad I finally got to have those orgasms as well!

      I hope I’m back soon as well – thank you for the well wishes!

  6. Glad that you go there in the end – it’s amazing isn’t it when sometimes just the words are all that are needed!!

    Hope that you get the job thing sorted quickly and best of luck with it!

    ~Mia~ xx

    • Thanks for the well wishes, Mia…I hope so too!

  7. Good luck with the job hunting…. I hope it is quick and easy…. bit like orgasms


    • Thanks Molly – I hope so too!

  8. Glad you got that orgasm out, I am going to miss you around, I commented on your other post but wanted to tell you here as well. I wish you luck on your job search and can’t wait to see you again. I know if you been thru quite a lot Jade. ~hugs~

    • Thank you Heaven…your kindness is much appreciated! I hope to get it all straightened out soon too. I miss being here!

  9. I wish you luck with job hunting. I will miss you! Those are all hot images.

    • Thanks Beck – I hope to be back soon too. :-)

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