A Picture Request in Two Parts: Stripped & Tied – Part 1


As a reward for a week of hard work (since this is Sinful Sunday, and it’s “all about the image,” I’ll leave the particulars of my week to another post) I decided to allow myself a blog post. (Yes! Writing here, getting to share all this with you folks out there, my wonderful readers, is a “reward”!)

A short time ago we got a Picture Request from a reader that wanted to see me stripped and then tied in a certain (very sexy, very interesting) tie. W didn’t apprise me of the particulars before he did it. He just texted me, after I told him I had some free time one night, to “dress classy but sexy,” similar to what I had worn for a job interview I’d gone to the week before.

I showed up, and this is what happened.

Part One: Stripped


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Thank you SO MUCH to the thoughtful – and wicked – reader that sent in this Picture Request! It was such a wonderful, slow, studied scene. And, as happens with so many of our Pictures Requests, so very different than anything we have done before.

Stay tuned for Part 2 – Tied!

(If you’d like to send in your own Picture Request – you know you want to see W do awful things to me of your devising! – click here: Picture Request Form.)

(Edit: I just popped over to Sinful Sunday and saw the (REALLY COOL) writing contest happening over on Exhibit A’s blog.  The prompt is to use an image from this week’s Sinful Sunday  as the catalyst for your written entry. If you enjoy writing, it’s a great idea and comes with some fun prizes. So, while I kind of told my own story with this post, feel free to use any of my images (or the whole series) for your own writing prompt.  Just link back to my blog, please.)

Check out the rest of the Sunday Sinners below!



  1. Molly

    This is sooo hot… for me it is W’s hand on the images that make it so sexy, there is something about manly hands on a vulnerable female body that just ticks boxes for me…. Maybe I should send W a request for something, I am going to ponder that thought some more


  2. nilla

    I think i echo everyone here…that was super hot…and the hand…HIS hand…just made those images so much more intense. What a terrific idea…and it sure looks like you were both enjoying it!


      1. Soom

        …sure it has been posted – I just overlooked it. Really hot as well! For how long were you able to endure it? It must have been quite stressful in the end to be keept like that.

        I still hope there is coming more picture requests in the future – I have to admit that I enjoy them a lot…!

        All the best,


        1. Jade Post author

          I think maybe a half hour, which doesn’t sound like a long time, but wow my thighs were shaking at the end!

          We actually did a first run at a Picture Request you sent in (you send in the best requests! ) but I haven’t posted it – I’ll put it on my list to get up soon! I really want to do it over tho, the result was not add good as I had hoped. ;-)


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