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Surprisingly, I have a lot to say about pinching. I didn’t think I did, since when I first thought of the topic, all I thought about was the classic “ouch!” pinch that you get, say, on St. Pat’s Day for not wearing green. But then I started to think about it, I have a long history with pinching. and a lot of it (even more surprisingly!) is good.

Some, of course, is not great…

“Nita” Pinches

This goes way back. I really hadn’t been pinched much in a BDSM scene before, and because my nipples were not especially sensitive (then) my Ex didn’t bother with them much during regular sex. One night at a party, he and Ad had me tied up in a frame (Ad was a play partner with me and my Ex as well) so that both sides were accessible. They’d been doing various things when a friend of ours approached and they asked her to join in if she wanted. After a few minutes of this and that, she reached out and grabbed just the tip of nipples between the very ends of her fingers and pinched, hard! It literally dropped me to my knees – or would have, if I wasn’t being held up by the ropes. I was gagged, thank goodness, because I screamed…it was agonizing. And that day pinches on the end of my nipples – we call them “Nita pinches” after my friend – became a “red.”

In a related scene, W also discovered this: Getting the Good Out of the Bad, and we have learned to play around that particular limit. Because really? I discovered that, done the “right” way, I really like my nipples to be pinched. Just not on the very tips.


Nipple Pinching Done the “Right” Way

Yeah so, as mentioned above, there is a “right” way and “wrong” way to pinch these oh-so-sensitive nipples of mine. Thing is, they weren’t always so sensitive. As I also mentioned above, prior to W, I didn’t get much out of nipple play. While I enjoyed the occasional tug, it didn’t happen often enough for me to realize it was actually pleasurable to me. Mostly my Ex (and other lovers) had licked and sucked on my breasts – not something I enjoy at all. But then along came W, and he was not exactly into “gentle” and “sensual.” In fact, the first time we played together, he introduced me to some serious mauling of my breasts:


It’s something I discovered I liked – a lot. (Interestingly, as much as Ad likes the “meaty pinch,” he doesn’t do it to my breasts.) He also visited some serious mauling and pinching on my labia that first date – something I had never experienced. And made me come that way, much to my chagrin (pussies are not to be brutalized! But of course, in W’s world, they are. As is any part of my body that he chooses.) That was my first experience with pinching my labia as a pain/pleasure tool…but that will come later too.  Regarding pinching of my breasts and nipples, what we both discovered is that I love the “big pinch” of the whole breast.


But we also discovered that I do enjoy nipple pinching, with fingers, clamps and even clothespins, as long as they stay off the very tips. In fact I like it a lot, enough to make me come from it, given the right headspace, or having had an orgasm already. W and I have had some awesome post-orgasm play with him just pinching and twisting my nipples to make me come again.

It also makes the use of these kinds of toys a delight:

Silver tit collars.

Silver tit collars.

Black tit collars.

Black tit collars.

I love wearing them both, though for pure pleasure the black are my favorite. They provide a steady, broad pinch sensation, while the silver ones are sharper – pinchier, if you will. I do so love the “squee” moment though as I tighten either pair down (and so do the Guys.) And they make my nipples insanely sensitive to the touch – not in the painful clothespin way (which I love/hate) but just in a good way:

Tit collars and stretchers.

Tit collars and stretchers.

(Those contraptions, by the way, are handmade by W and also stretch at the same time as the collars pinch. Yum.)

(Another kind of pinching sensation that I have enjoyed – inflicted on myself – are tiny rubber bands, in this post: Bonus! Tit Tuesday: Lunchtime Fun, with Rubberbands.)

Pinching the Ad Way

In the post on #KOTW I featured a picture of Ad pinching me. That grab and pinch of a handful of my skin is a patented Ad move – he loves to grab big meaty handfuls of flesh and pinch hard. In fact whenever I complain about my body changing (ie growing hippier and sporting some “love handles”) he always tells me, in all seriousness, that it just means he has more to grab. He likes me with a little extra meat.

I like it best when he does this after a spanking, paddling or whipping, or when he does it on bruised flesh, for instance the next day after I’ve been over at W’s getting beat up.


Pinching, the Ad way.

Clit and Labia Pinching – Pierced and Unpierced

I mentioned that W turned me on to labia and clit pinching early in our BDSM relationship. Honestly, I was offended and shocked at first (in a good/shocked/good way.) Of all the areas on my body that had been abused in my experience of BDSM play, except for some clothespins by my Ex, my pussy had been left to only pleasurable play. No one had ever tortured Lil Sister (as I sometimes call my puss)! Actually, I think all this should go into a post on #KOTW when I feature genital torture, but suffice it to say that I learned to love labia pinching. Maybe I always had, but no one had ever done it before, like nipple pinching. I dunno. All I know now is that I can come having my labia pulled on and pinched, and it is the only form of self-pinching that I do during masturbation (tho even that not often.) W can also make me come by pinching my clit, tho this is a peculiar sensation, very much a painful orgasm, sharp, short and intense, and which I am usually glad when it’s over.

Without rings.

Without rings.

The piercings have brought in a new element to this play, and not always in the best way. Although they have made my labia all that much more sensitive, such care has to be taken that it’s “good” pinching, and doesn’t accidentally turn into the bad sort, that they have been a bit of a drawback to my enjoyment in having W maul and pinch my labia – though as you can see, he still makes it work on occasion!

Pinch with rings.

Pinch with rings.

The upside is that they engender their own pinching sensations when he is fucking me, which is almost always an enhancement.

The love of having my labia pinched also extends to a unique toy that W made. He calls it the “J Clamp.” The “J” part refers to the curved part of the hook, that is inserted inside me.


This drove me absolutely wild – my labia were so sensitive he made me come by stroking them and pressing down on the hook. I think he was surprised at my enjoyment of it. But the piercings are also a drawback with that toy, and I don’t think we have tried it since.




  1. Len

    I always loved pinching my women’s clits and nipples, but you shed some new light on some of the different things I have never thought of.

    I love the pic of you on your computer, and your pussy looks so good being pinched both with and without the jewelry….

    I applied to your twitter site.


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