It’s SILLY Boobday!


And a Scavenger Hunt day and a Boobies & Bondage day!

First, the image that my SILLY Boobday pic came from for Hyacinth’s weekly Boobday feature over on A Dissolute Life Means. You should definitely go over there and check out the rest of the lovely breasts on display there as soon as she gets it posted. You know, because – BOOBS! (~duh~) The one I sent her is a close-up of this shot. Because (again, ~duh~) CLOSE-UP BOOBIES ARE FUN!

My boobies having a silly moment.

My boobies having a silly moment.

This picture is part of a larger set. The whole day was silly, and this pic was just one small giggle in a day-long giggle for W and I. I had actually planned to post all the states that we went through on our trip, and in which we got Boobies & Bondage pics, in the order that we took them, but when I saw that Hy’s theme was “Silly Boobday” this week, I couldn’t resist posting this set out of order.

It was our last day on the road, and would be our last day together for awhile, after having spent two weeks in PA and traveling together. There’d been a wee bit of tension that morning as we’d gotten ready to set out, having to do with a basic difference in how W and I approach travel: I am a “journey” person, he is a “destination” person. He thought we needed to make time and get back by a certain day/time, I wanted to dawdle as long as we could on the road. His goal was to arrive home as expeditiously as possible (because he thought that was my goal as well), my goal was to see what we could see, and – most importantly – get as many Boobies & Bondage snaps as we could manage since we were driving through so many states. Once we had straightened out that little misunderstanding, though, he was ready for some Jade-style traveling, which usually goes something like this:

“Hey, look at this!” I’d say (pointing at map.) “I’ve always wanted to see (whatever it is.) Let’s go there!” And then I calculate drive times and plot the best way to get there, with lots of input from The Boss, because he’s lots more practical than I am, and ensures that we are actually headed somewhat in the general direction that we need to be going in. In this way, we have a reasonable chance of actually getting home within 3 or 4 days of our estimated arrival date, and don’t end up in, say, Mexico, when we’re meant to be headed to St. Louis.

In this way we ended up on a misty afternoon at The Greenbrier in West Virginia.

And it really was almost exactly that way. I had the map out, looking over our route, trying to find a good place to do a B&B. When I first started Boobies & Bondage I didn’t really have any “rules” in mind, except that there had to be naked boobies and some kind of rope or bondage in the pictures. I liked the idea of trying to get the name of the state somewhere in the photos, but that had proved to be difficult, if not impossible, so the early sets just had the required breasts and bondage, and you had to take my word for it that I was in whichever state I said I’m in. When I started working on this set of states, though, I decided that if I couldn’t get the name of the state in the pics I was going to find something that “said” that state, either to me or because it was something specific to that state.

So there I was, reading stuff on the map and quizzing W about what West Virginia stood for. Coalmines? Doubtful we could get near one. Hmm…mountains? Maybe…but honestly when I think of mountains I think of the Rockies. Oh wait, didn’t people always talk about “hollers” in the hills of West Virginia? (Why yes, yes they do…) So, an isolated “holler” was a possible destination. My finger traveled down little side roads and byways as I read the names of towns and “points of interest” on the map.

“White Sulpher Springs,” I said. “There’s someplace called The Greenbier there…”

W looked over at me sharply. “That’s near here?” he said. “I’ve been there. That’s the resort I told you about, where the Presidential Bunker was until someone exposed it.”

Sure enough, it was. And is. And we were off.

The Greenbrier

Beyond this gate is a guardshack.

Beyond this gate is a guard shack and acres and acres of beautiful resort, a massive hotel, gorgeous homes, summer cottages, a golf course, country club – and a hidden bunker.

Perhaps it really was a guard post at one time, meant to keep the riffraff out. After all, 26 presidents have stayed here, and it has quite an illustrious history, to say nothing about the fact that at one time, before this article came out, it was the super-secret location of the Presidential Bunker, where Congress would retreat in the event of nuclear war. This day though, the guard just waved us through and told us to enjoy our day taking pictures. I had told him the truth – that I wanted pics of the hotel and grounds. Not, of course, that I wanted at least some of those pictures in bondage with my titties out for the world to see!

For the record, and because it was quite spectacular (even if they do allow folks of our sort in) we did get some beautiful photos of the hotel and resort, which is much larger than either I or W realized before we started our drive.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Then it was time to “get down to business.” Up a meandering drive, next to a hiking trail, above a couple beautiful houses and a golf course, I found my “holler.” It even stated that it was one on the sign! (Okay, okay, it’s a real estate sign, but whatever.)

Boobies & Bondage in West Virginia!

Boobies & Bondage in West Virginia! Oh, and glasses. lol

I realized that the rope wasn't exactly visible in the picture tho - here it is!

I realized that the rope wasn’t exactly visible in the picture tho – here it is!

But I wasn’t done with the fun. In spite of the rain started to come down, I had spotted something I had been dying to get for a Scavenger Hunt, ever since mentioning it at Eroticon in Atlanta.

A fire hydrant.




And there you have it – a day of silly fun, with Boobday, a Scavenger Hunt and Boobies & Bondage on a famous resort in the hills of West Virginia!

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  1. Curvaceous Dee

    I am fully envious in the BEST way! New Zealand doesn’t have fire hydrants either (weeps) so I’m always looking when I go to Australia… but never found one. I want a photo like that! You look amazing :)

    xx Dee


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