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Alphabet Challenge – X Marks the Spot

Boy, isn’t this a blast from the past! I bet you forgot all about my Alphabet Challenge series. After all, the last time I posted in it was…oh yes, W is for Warren County, Wreck & Waterlilies, back in October. And yeah, I was apologizing for dropping the ball on it then, too. Oh well, so my follow-through is somewhat…lacking.

Until now, dammit! That’s right. We are wrapping this baby up.  X, Y & Z, here we come…

First up: X Marks the Spot

x marks the spot

A day in the woods with Ad and W…

And a different day, picnicking in the park with W, he looked up and saw the contrails...

And a different day, picnicking in the park with W. He looked up and saw the contrails. Thank goodness he always has a length of rope handy, even on a picnic, hm?


Watch this space for Y and Z…they are coming soon!

(And to see the Alphabet from the beginning, click here: Rope on the Run – Bondage in the Out-of-Doors – Alphabet Challenge Series)

Check out the rest of the Sunday Sinners by clicking below…




  1. Beautiful images. Sadly, I would break Silverdrop if I ties her like that these days. :(

  2. And what a spot it is! Looking forward to Y and Z. Jane xxx

  3. It always pays to have a bit of rope handy ;)

    ~Kazi xxx

  4. I love that top picture, there is something so freeing about being naked and tied in the outdoors…. I love that feeling and I look at your image and I can image myself there.


    Ps… I think something happened to your post though, their seems to be a repeat of your text wayyyyy down at the bottom!

    • Thanks for the heads-up, Molly! (That’s what happens when you leave a post in “draft” status forever and forever!)

    • Yes, this pic is inspirational and I’d love to tie up Renee in much the same way. The look over your shoulder is so delightful too.

      Wonderful pic! Definitely one of my top 7 for the week.

  5. That is one type of picnicking I have never done lolol! Hot photo!

  6. Oh I really love the first picture. I would love to be tied like that in the woods, and then to be used by Master T and whoever else He chooses to be there :)

    Rebel xox

  7. I hadn’t heard of this until just now and it’s a great idea. I love rope so so much. Lovely pictures.

    Åsa x

  8. That first picture is just stunning! I love the improptu feeling to the second picture and opportunity grabbed – brilliant!

    ~Mia~ xx

  9. That first picture is awesome; The great outdoors is such an opportunity! :-)

  10. Wow. BOTH pictures are awesome, and I think they show the different sides to you but also one constant thread – happiness and freedom to express yourself. You show your body, you show your face. That’s brave and sexy and challenging parts of our slut shaming society.
    Also, I LOVE your rope alphabet challenge. Thank you for sharing these. x

  11. Oohh . . . lovely !!! Naked in the outdoors!!! Ooohhh tingles!!!
    Xxx – K

  12. I love the top image…one day I hope I’m brave enough to be tied outdoors!

  13. I love how happy you look in the second image. So many people think dark, dirty, and painful. I love how you show the joy.

    Rope in the woods, you always inspire me to get back out there and get some pics. HUGS HUGS HUGS, I adore you photos as always.

  14. These are both fantastic. You look as beautiful as ever too!

  15. Both wonderful images, though I can admit to being disappointed that I’ve never yet found such anything quite so beautiful at the “X” on a treasure map.

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