Wicked Wednesday – Considering the Possibilities



  • Who I am and who I want to be…
  • What I do and what I want to do…
  • Where I am and where I want to be…
  • What I know and what I want to know…
  • What I have and what I want.

So many possibilities, they seem endless.

Life, and time, are not endless.

But at the moment, all I can do is stay in this one place, in limbo, and consider the possibilities.




  1. Marie Rebelle

    Sometimes life expects of us to stay in one place, for us to grow without seeing it, for us to think without noticing it, for us to make decisions without realizing it. And then one day, the waiting is over and you find answers to all your questions. Being in one place, waiting for the waiting to be over, is not always easy, but it makes us stronger. You will get there luv, and things will become clear, I am sure of that.


    Rebel xox


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