Faux Pas


By now a few of you that follow me on Twitter (@piecesofjade) saw the utterly awful, totally rookie move I made recently, which resulted in me becoming an egghead with no bio and a protected account.


In case you didn’t, a brief recap: I am applying for a job that is one segment of a religious institution. On Saturday, in preparation for a second interview with them, I started researching their social media outreach a little more, and as part of that, followed them on LinkedIn, Facebook & Twitter with my vanilla accounts.

Or at least I did on Facebook & LinkedIn. On Twitter, because I was using my personal machine, and didn’t bother with the extra precautions that I usually employ to avoid just such an occurrence (different browsers, different social media dashboard tools for each account), I accidentally followed them with my PoJ Twitter account.

For ten minutes my life was hell as I unfollowed them, then scrambled to make my profile anonymous, hoping against hope that the guy I was interviewing with, my would-be boss and the social media lead for the organization, didn’t have his phone set to alert him to new followers, or if it did, would be too busy playing ball with his kid, or watching sports, or banging his wife (it was a Saturday morning, and hey, I can wish happiness on him! It wasn’t his fault I am such an…err…egghead.) And then for the next four days I beat myself up, debated how/why and if he had seen me in all my kinky…uh…”glory”…and waited for an email that said they no longer wished to bring me in for that second interview.

That didn’t happen. The second interview is now over, with no mention of my faux pas, no innuendo or leading questions asked, and no significant looks pointed my way by him or any of the other five staff members with whom I interviewed, so I can hope it was a minor, unnoticed, blip. But damn that was a huge fuck-up, and a great big wake-up call to the fine line I tread here. And, meanwhile, I remain anonymous until I hear from them one way or another.

I thought long and hard about keeping my blog, Twitter, Facebook & Google+ accounts live & active while I did this job hunt. In the end I decided it was too much bother to try to scrub or hide them all, and really? – what’s the use. I have kept them as separate from my real identity as possible, but if someone wants to go to that much trouble to connect the two (or ends up accidentally doing so) then…hell. More power to them.

I just need to try not to hand over my semi-hidden (not so much really) kinky self to them, bound and gagged, on a golden platter.

The second interview seemed to go well, and I even managed to bring up my hope that I could still do my vacation in NYC the first week of August (I shortened it to only one week, the week that W will be there, because I knew two weeks, and particularly the last week of July, would not be possible.) They seemed amenable to it, and that is not an unusual request when starting a new job in the summer, so I remain cautiously optimistic. I should hear about it by the beginning-ish of next week, one way or another.

Now to get my new laptop set up, finish up a huge project for my old/new employers (I have actually accepted the position with the new charter and though I technically start July 1, I am already working for them in actuality), try to schedule some gardening time at home and W’s, do some house projects that Ad and I have planned, think about some writing projects, as well as a few things for the blog.

Oh, and go on a date with a globe-trotting, sharp-dressed man.

My life is far from settled, but it’s certainly not the rollercoaster ride it has been, and I am feeling positive again.


  1. Marie Rebelle

    Glad to read your faux pas seemed to have gone unnoticed and I will definitely be crossing my fingers that you hear from them next week and you get the job!

    Rebel xox

  2. Molly

    I am glad you seem to have got away with your little error and even more glad that the second interview went well. Fingers crossed, but never legs, it all works out.

    As for the date with the “a globe-trotting, sharp-dressed man.” I am looking forward to September and having another one of those as well! ;)



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