It’s a Stripey Boobday!


I’m in southern Indiana at  Twisted Tryst with W, but before we left we took some time to capture a few STRIPED images for Hyacinth’s Boobday theme this week. At first I envisioned stripes from a cane, but we ended up with some nice, gentler, images, so we went with those.

Maybe W will gives me those stripes here at Tryst though, hm?

Here are the images that I didn’t send over to Hy. You’ll have to go over there to A Dissolute Life Means… see the one that I did send (she usually updates at some point on Friday, so don’t despair if it isn’t up by the time  this goes live, just keep checking back (or better yet sign up to get an email notification when she posts.) Trust me, you’ll be glad you did – she always has some beautiful breasts on display!

Happy Stripey Boobday!





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