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Sinful Sunday – All Hooked Up

I had a post all ready to publish with lots of words, but then I saw Molly’s awesome Sinful Sunday post, “Hook, Line & Spanker,” and I knew I had to go ahead and join in the Sinful Sunday fun today, seeing as how our latest play has also involved an asshook. :-)

sinful sunday - asshook

Yup, on Sinful Sunday, it’s all about the image. This Sunday, the image is all about the asshook.





  1. Great photo! Also love the dress you’re wearing!

    Rebel xox

  2. love the dress it looks great on you…hooks scare the hell out of me! great job

  3. Those hooks have always seemed a bit intimidating to me…but you and Molly make it look so fun, now I want to try! :)

  4. We have not had ours for that long really… but I have to say I am rather partial to a spot of hooking… I love your picture, the way it appears to almost be hooked into the back of your dress and the curve of your bum up into the small of your back is just delicious… this is a truly brilliant shot that tells everything while showing nothing!


  5. This is delicious! As I said on Molly’s post I really must get one of these!!

    ~Mia~ xx

  6. Really great shot. That dress is wonderful on you. Loving the curve of your backside.

  7. owieeee. Like I said on Molly’s post. I think because I don’t know much about them that asshooks just scare me to death. Love your dress. Your photo is as powerful to me as Molly’s.

  8. mmmm I do love anal hooks so much. This is another great shot, and Molly has an excellent photo displaying hers too. I must get to work on a pic :)

  9. Even more hook jealousy!! Fantastic teasing image.

  10. What a cute dress you have on and loving the hook in your ass.

  11. Great side view on a pretty formidable piece of equipment!

    ~Kazi xxx

  12. What an amazing dress!

  13. Sexy dress on a very sexy woman. This shot is so erotic.

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