#SinfulSunday – Three Images


This month’s prompt was “Black & White” and the challenge was to post an image (or images) in color and then the same image(s) in black and white. I chose three to play with, and was interested and pleased with the results. I like black and white imagery when it is used to evoke a specific tone or feel, and in all three of these, I think it did.  I can’t decide which I like better, though.

What do you think?

(PS – The last image was processed by the photographer, so probably has some additional enhancements, not just the black and white filtering that I did with the others.)


The subject matter of this picture – and the punitive nature of the Shrew’s Fiddle – lends itself well to black and white, I think.




I think I do like this one better in black and white. It’s sort of an “artful” image, and the black and white enhances that. in my opinion.




Although the black and white enhancements were done very professionally, and make a beautiful image, I have to say that I think I prefer this one in color. Maybe it’s vanity though – I love the light on my hair, turning it to a flame behind me, and the gold of the lock, which really pops in the color image.


(Thank you to Molly for letting me link this late – my son’s graduation kept me from getting it posted!)



  1. Beck

    All three of these are just fabulous. I think the last one is my favorite. I love the black and white, but the color one is my favorite.

    1. Jade Post author

      Thanks so much, Beck! I used that one on my Fetlife profile (in black & white) for awhile. The contraption is so W! lol

  2. Flip

    Whilst I like all 3 of these, the middle one is my favourite, both the b&w, and the colour version.
    It just looks so natural, so candid, aswell as being a beautiful portrait.

    Flip x

    1. Jade Post author

      Thank you…as I said on Twitter, I have long been an admirer of the lovely images you post on your blog, so it’s especially nice to hear this from you! :-)

  3. Malflic

    I agree with you on the first two but will give you a slightly different perspective on the third image.

    I like the color one best because I know it’s you. To your point the light on your hair and skin tone makes it distinctly you and are familiar to me,

    The 3rd image in black and white would be the one I’d pick if we didn’t know each other. It easily lets me objectify the person in it and “paint” them in shades of my choice.

    1. Jade Post author

      I love the two different perspectives from you, Malflic. The “familiar to you” and the objectification. ~grin~

  4. HappyComeLucky

    You have really spoilt us this week. All three of the images work both ways but there is definitely something about softness and warmth in the colour ones compared to more of the harshness of the fiddle in the black and white. All of them have an wonderful beauty.

  5. sub-Bee

    As you say each gives a completely different feel to the image but I love the warmth and softness of the colour in the second image the best.

  6. Julie

    I’m unable to choose. All 6 are lovely. There’s always some way that you’re uniquely bound that brings imagination to a level of the cutting edge.

  7. Justarandomscot

    Absolutely stunning images each and every one. My personal favourite would have to be the second pair. It’s a beautiful portrait :)


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