Life returns to normal…


So…too busy to write much. Because, you know. JOB.  It’s in full swing, and I am trying to adjust to the changes in my schedule.  Working 9-5, having a forty-minute commute each way, not being able to mix work and home life…

I know, I know. #firstworldproblems tumblr

(Time-wasting segue: out of curiosity, I looked up the origin of #firstworldproblems and found the website Know Your Meme.  It had this to say about First World Problems. /segue)

But really, it IS a challenge.

Yeah, yeah, I’ve done it before, and hell, most people do it all their lives. But I had a beautiful break in that routine for (too short) a time, and it’s taking me a little bit to get used to it again.

Since I started the new job I’ve been struggling with finding a good life/work balance, one that allows me spend time with the Guys, get some exercise a few times a week, as well as time to do the normal things people do – clean house, do laundry, walk my dog, make meals, run errands, shop, write, blog, socialize. I did solve one of my dilemmas, having found a park to run in directly behind the office. I managed to run at lunch once last week, and believe that I will be able to incorporate that into my routine a few times a week, since they actually have a changing/shower room in our building. And gym equipment for the winter months! That makes me really happy, and gives me hope that I’ll be able to make this change in circumstances work for me.

That’s just one of the nice things about my workplace. My office (which I haven’t moved into yet) is large and well-appointed, with gorgeous, matching furniture (I know, not a big deal to people that work in the corporate world, but you that work in not-for-profit probably grok my delight), modern equipment and a newer computer with double monitors. I had business cards, a nameplate and this lovely welcome gift all waiting for me when I arrived Monday:

Card: "Welcome! We're so glad you're here!"

Card: “Welcome! We’re so glad you’re here!”

You’d have to have seen my old office to know how happy this plant made me. My former workmates teased me about my “jungle” of an office. I’m a plant lover, and my office was full of them, along with “babies” from them in water everywhere as well. When I left, I gave away all my plants to those staff members that had stayed, a little gift to remember me by. (Or to throw away after I left, who knows?) But now I have a new starter plant.

So yeah, the first week has passed…a good one, as first weeks go, though I have never been at a job where it takes so long to actually start working. This week was all training, practice, more training, meeting people…but no actual work. I should be grateful for the respite though, right? Most jobs I have been thrown into the deep end on Day 1, sink-or-swim, trial-by-fire, etc. So okay, this is nice. Getting to work with my outgoing predecessor has been helpful as well. But okay already…I’m ready to do something productive now.


I had a fun last weekend of freedom. Knowing how my brain works, Ad washed the Baby Fiat for me. “I know you’ll want a clean slate your first day,” he said…


…before we took a hike at my favorite hiking spot, and found another St. Louis 250 cake.


Then the Guys and I went out for Cajun food and music, to assist in setting the mood for A Sex Blog of Sorts’ “Polished” writing challenge, for which my nail polish color was “Cajun Shrimp.” Unfortunately, although the food was good, 1. they were out of shrimp and 2. there was no band playing, so it was kind of a bust. To top it off, I haven’t managed to write a thing for the challenge, and the deadline is tonight. :-( I’m still going to write something, but it just won’t be for the contest. (But you should still go over and check out the other entries – there is a lot of hot sexy stuff over there!) The evening wasn’t a total bust, though, because we walked over to another place nearby after dinner and ended our night chatting with the bartender, a transplanted Manhattan-ite, and sipping martinis.

The next day I got started on my big summer project: repainting my son’s old room so Ad and I could move our bedroom into it.

Quick backstory: Ad and I occupy the lower story of a two story condo with his father. We left our house in the city, two blocks from the Botanical Gardens, to move in with him way out here in South County when he came down with cancer, and needed assistance. What was supposed to be a short-term solution, however, has turned into more than six years. My pseudo-father-in-law has recovered, thankfully, but as he has gotten older, we have realized that us being here is important to him in other ways…so we’ve stayed.

My daughter and son lived with us for much of those six years, until my daughter moved into her own place a couple years ago, and then, after he graduated from high school this past June, my son moved to his dad’s so he could be closer to the college he is attending.

Suddenly we’re empty-nesters.

Er, except for the puppy, who is as much an adolescent in need of constant parenting as were my children.

The pup after a hard day playing at doggie day care.

The pup after a hard day playing at doggie day care. And yes, my pup is pink. Ad says that was how he knew Felix was my dog. That and the fact that he needs to go get beat up by the other pups at least once a week to feel calm and centered. LOL

Anyway. At some point this past year, the pseudo-father-in-law started getting up earlier and earlier. And pacing. Right above our heads, on hardwood floors, in what is probably slippers but sounds like combat boots. And I started exhibiting symptoms of stress such as frequent wakings in the night, insomnia, and an inability to fall back asleep easily. PFIL’s early morning habits exacerbated it until I thought I might go mad.

Or move out.

Ad’s solution: turn our current room into a large walk-in closet/mini-library-reading-room, and move our bedroom into the Boychild’s old room, which is not under the PFIL’s. (An amusing sidetrack to this is that the PFIL goes to his lake cottage every summer, and every summer, without fail, I have reorganized something in the house. He’s probably taking bets about what it will be this time.)

Anyway…since W was helping us paint, of course I couldn’t do it like a normal person. (Grin.)



And that, my friends, was my last weekend of freedom.


The new week, my second at my new job, starts in a few hours. W is traveling abroad with his family this week, which is both good and bad. Bad because (duh) he’s away.  But good that I am working my new job and being kept quite busy while he’s away.  I’ll barely have time to miss him while I’m at work.

It’s the other hours that will suck. :-(

But…of course…I’ll be busy trying to do all that other stuff I mentioned above. You know, living life, running errands, taking care of business…

Oh, and having a date Tuesday. ;-)

And Friday…Friday I pick him up at the airport.  And Saturday he and I and the Boychild (my son) leave for a week in NYC!

So. Life returns to normal.

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