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A Last Work from Home Day

Aug 31, 2014 | Posted by in Before | 17

Work from Home/Sexretary Days used to be common in my life, when I worked a job where first I had one day a week that I was allowed to telecommute, and then two, and then started working from home fulltime. We had an awful lot of illicit fun: A Sexretary Day, Polkadots & Boobies HoorayRead more …

Yoga makes me happy.

Aug 30, 2014 | Posted by in BDSM, Before, Boob Day | 1

Or maybe it reminds me that I am happy. As I settle into a good practice, as I let myself sink down into myself, reconnect with my body and with…something else, something less definable but definitely there…I find and open myself to all the good that is in my life, in myself. When they talkRead more …

Too Late for Regrets

Aug 24, 2014 | Posted by in BDSM, Sinful Sunday | 12

 It’s too late… hands tied / lips trembling bite of rope / smell of hemp It’s too late for regrets. neck arched / throat exposed lips stretched taut taste of rubber / taste of sweat It’s too late for regrets. knees aching / muscles straining mind racing Sound of the whip slicing through the air.Read more …

Non-Consensual Vulnerability

Aug 23, 2014 | Posted by in Before, Thoughts on BDSM | 7

Feeling vulnerable is awful, when it’s not by choice. I crave vulnerability in my BDSM play. I live for those moments when I am stripped bare of everything but my need to please, to submit, to give; when I am exposed more than just physically, when my core is laid open to him, to savor,Read more …

A Good Day

Aug 19, 2014 | Posted by in Before | 0

I’m feeling good this morning. This past weekend was delightful in sooo many ways, and helped to alleviate some of those hamster-head doubts that I can’t seem to exterminate completely, but which, with a little bit of effort by all three of us, we are able to calm somewhat. I don’t know why lack ofRead more …

e[lust] #61

Aug 19, 2014 | Posted by in blogs, e[lust] | 0

Photo courtesy of Maria opens up Welcome to Elust #61 – The only place where the smartest and hottest sex bloggers are featured under one roof every month. Whether you’re looking for sex journalism, erotic writing, relationship advice or kinky discussions it’ll be here at Elust. Want to be included in Elust #62? Start withRead more …

By Request, a Size Comparison

Aug 16, 2014 | Posted by in Sinful Sunday | 21

“I think we need a picture of “Bam” with something for scale,” ancilla ksst said in her comment to my Orgasms & Ice Cream post. I live to serve. :-) Kinda puts his size into perspective, eh? Check out who else is being Sinful this Sunday by clicking below!