Kink of the Week is coming back!


Extra, extra, read all about it! The Kink of the Week is coming back, after a prolonged hiatus. (I had to look up how long it has been – the last one was in April (April!) with Beck and Her Kinks‘ topic of Maschalagnia).

Clearly I have been derelict in my duties as host of what has turned out to be a fun, informational, sexy, kinky and popular meme.

Also clearly, there were pressing, valid reasons I put the #KOTW on hiatus. (Which reasons also may account for why I haven’t written a lick of erotica for submission as well.) One thing at a time, though, and that thing is getting #KOTW back up and running.

For this first foray back, I have opened up the potential topics for a vote. Go here and vote for the topic of your choice from the five I have listed (High Heels, Bondage, Buttplugs, Dirty Talk or Strap-ons.) Make yourself heard, and then go back and post on the topic starting August 31.

One change I am contemplating at the moment is whether or not to do Kink of the Week monthly instead of weekly. I know, I know, it’s Kink of the Week, not Kink of the Month. But I think we are all flexible enough to roll with it, aren’t we? If I decide to do this, I’d post the topic at the beginning of the month, and you’d have all month long to write your post. I’d post reminders throughout the month, and tweet out when we have new posts added, but that would give everyone more time for contemplation (and reading others’ blogs.)

I’m interested in your feedback – do you have strong feelings one way or another? Let me know in the comments below.


  1. Marie Rebelle

    I had to think of this for a while, because I was so happy with Kink of the Week being back and then I saw that you might make it a monthly theme instead of a weekly one. I totally understand how much work a weekly meme is seeing that I run Wicked Wednesday, but I wonder if you would be willing to consider making Kink of the Week a bi-weekly meme? The name then still fits and it’s less work to do it every other week than every week.

    And then again, I am quick to say that if a monthly meme is what works better for you, you should do it. It has to fit into your life, right?

    Rebel xox

  2. Malflic

    Meme’s are a lot of work but i’m with Marie twice a month if possible. Once a month is better than not at all anf i know a few of usbwould be willing to help out if you need or would like.


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