A Last Work from Home Day


Work from Home/Sexretary Days used to be common in my life, when I worked a job where first I had one day a week that I was allowed to telecommute, and then two, and then started working from home fulltime.

We had an awful lot of illicit fun:

A Sexretary Day, Polkadots & Boobies

Hooray for Sexretary Day! (A very misbehaving sexretary!)

Work from Home Wednesday (work broken up by hourly penetrations – those were the days!)

Working Girl (Okay, not exactly working from home, but – fuck – HOT.)

Working from Home – Skills

And those are just the one I categorized correctly or that I recorded here. It was a wonderful period of my working life.

As most of you know, all that has changed, and now I work in an office 9-5…no more Sexretary Days! I am a very sad Jade, I assure you. I did have the opportunity for one last Work from Home Day, though, just before I started the new position, so I had to record it.


This image just hits me so right on so many levels. The casual way W is sitting in his office, me on my knees, servicing him, the camera a voyeur behind us.

This is how so many of our Work from Home Days ended up; in the middle of a work task he would look over at me: “On your knees,” he would say, and I’d jump up to do his bidding.

I loved being W’s sexretary and already miss it dearly.

But okay, one more image from that day, just because…well, because PINK.

Isn’t that enough reason?


When I saw that you couldn’t really see the awesomeness of these shoes, I had to take one more snap.



  1. switchtastic

    I’m so jealous of your work from home days, because of the nature of my work I’ve never worked from home, but your pictures make me wish I could. I love your pink shoes and that smile you’re wearing in the last shot.

  2. Molly

    I know I am VERY lucky in this regard, we both work from home and it does mean that sometimes our days do go a little of track… work wise.

    I agree about the picture of you on your knees… there is something so VERY hot about the way he is looking down at you and is clearly indulging himself in you.



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