By Request, a Size Comparison

“I think we need a picture of “Bam” with something for scale,” ancilla ksst said in her comment to my Orgasms & Ice Cream post.

I live to serve. :-)

Eleven, my bumpy glass dildo, and Bam. Oh, and W's hand, which is NOT tiny!

Eleven, my bumpy glass dildo, and Bam. Oh, and W’s hand, which is NOT tiny!

Bam and me.

Bam and me.

Kinda puts his size into perspective, eh?

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  1. Molly

    Now that is quite some dildo…. the size comparison picture really puts things into perspective, especially with W’s hand in the mix


  2. Bunny

    Wowzers that is huge! I am impressed you can take that! I have scar tissue issues in my lady bits and anything over my partner would be physically traumatic so I would black out before even the tip of that toy got into me.

    *is solo impressed and in awe*


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