I am benched.


I believe that phrase has some sports reference to it. Well, this is kind of a sport, right? Flashing our naked bits in public places? If it’s not, it should be. Hey! We need to start a petition to bring the Scavenger Hunt to the Olympics!

The delightfully inventive, audacious and indomitable Curvaceous Dee has declared September “Scavenger Hunt Month” and is posting nearly-daily Scavenger Hunts to celebrate it.


While I can’t post them daily, and I am starting quite late in the month, I do have an awful lot of them banked, so I thought…”what the heck!” Let’s see how many I can get posted in the remainder of the month. :-)

It was a warm summer day in the summer of 2013 and W and decided to hike in one of my favorite parks (and the location of several of my Alphabet Challenge pics K is for Keifer Creek, I is for Island, T is for Trestle). While there we were able to capture quite a few spontaneous Scavenger Hunts, in spite of (and in between) the many other hikers on the trails.

First up: Bench!








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