A Break from the Beach


Scavenger Hunt Month continues, though I missed out on posting the other Eleuthera Scavenger Hunts yesterday and the day before. I have a good excuse: we’ve been out on the road making new Scavenger Hunts this weekend. It’s hard to blog when you’re out having fun! Never fear, we’ll be back on the beaches of Eleuthera soon – I have some very fun Scavengers coming up to wrap up that fantastic trip – but I thought it would be fun to post something about the fun we had this weekend.

We started Friday night at an annual St. Louis event, the Balloon Glow. Every year on the night before the Great Forest Park Balloon Race, the organizers throw a party with food, drink, music, and of course the “glow,” the lighting of the balloons with their burners. I’d always wanted to go, but Ad has never wanted to because of the crowds and traffic (and indeed, didn’t go with us Friday.) W had never been either, so when I was unexpectedly relieved of my dog-sitting duties, I suggested we go. It was an amazing event, with 80,000 people and 70 balloons that we could walk amongst as they lit the burners. A few of the pictures are below.



I really wanted to get a Scavenger Hunt there – how cool would “hot air balloon” be? – but as you can see, there were way too many people to even attempt, so we just wandered around holding hands and acting schmoopy. A lovely late dinner on the patio at Jimmy’s on the Park finished off the night perfectly.

All was not lost by having been thwarted of a Scavenger Hunt at the Glow, though – I’m resourceful! Having been relieved of dog-sitting duties meant that we could also spend Saturday (and, as it turns out, Sunday) taking a road trip. “We need to go Scavenger Hunting,” I said. I had a couple locations in mind, but I also just wanted to take a day to drive in the country, relax and enjoy the weekend, warm weather, and each other’s company. We’d recently been dealing with a little relationship bump, and it seemed like a good prescription for reconnecting.

Oh how it was.

Our trip took us to the tiny, historic river town of St. Genevieve. You might remember a trip I took with Ad there a few years ago, when we accomplished the Alphabet Challenge: L. Ad and I had ended up there literally by accident, when we took a ferry across the river and wound up there. I had always remembered how cute the town was, so when a coworker mentioned last week that he’d gone to a winery there, I knew where I wanted to spend our Saturday.

There are a number of wineries and vineyards in the area, as a matter of fact, and we ended up visiting three of them – two on Saturday and one on Sunday. There was a specific reason we went to another one the second day, besides the obvious one of enjoying the warm summer day and (duh) more wine. But I’ll get to that in a moment.

This was day one, at a small, lovely vineyard we found nestled in the gently rolling hills of southern Missouri.




And this is me, getting a “vineyard” Scavenger Hunt!


And yes, I’m wearing my tit collars. We may have had a vanilla weekend, but we had to sprinkle a few chocolate chips in there!


But wait, I did say I would tell you why we went to another winery the next day. Here’s a hint: did you know a winery and a vineyard are two different things? In other words, two totally different locations? ~grin~


  1. Marie Rebelle

    Looks like you had a wonderful time, and love the vineyard scavenger hunt :)
    Pity you couldn’t get the balloon scavenger hunt too, but who knows, it might happen in future ;)

    Rebel xox

  2. drew

    those pics of you in that striped dress leaning over the rail are just gorgeous! Any change of posting a bigger shot of either one? Cant see your tit collars, OR your smile big enough…


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