A funny thing happened on the way to the winery…


So where was I? Oh yes, standing in a field flashing a birdhouse…

Actually, before that, we wandered around Ste. Genevieve. I, of course, was looking for likely Scavenger Hunt locations.

W was trying to make sure I didn’t get arrested.

He very wisely told me not to try to flash here, at this sign, as there were cars and people here and there.

That very top line? Is where the Flood of '93 topped out here in Ste. Gen.

That very top line? Is where the Flood of ’93 topped out here in Ste. Gen.

I don’t know what I even would have called this, as I don’t think “flood sign” is a location, but I had to have a picture, even if it was fully clothed! I was here in 1993, and actually sandbagged against the might of the raging Mississippi, but seeing how high it got on this sign amazed me.

Anyway, soon we were on our way to get the winery shot I so coveted…

Until I saw a hay bale.


“Wait, wait! I need a hay bale!”

“Of course you do,” W said. (If only you could hear his dry tone…makes me giggle every time.)



I wanted to get closer, but there was a farmer out in the field, and the road was a private one, so I did what I could, and we drove on.

To a better bale of hay!



Will we make it to the winery at last tomorrow?

Stay tuned for more Scavenger Hunt fun!




  1. Marie Rebelle

    Each time I see hay bales it’s when we are on the highway and have nowhere to pull over. I think we should take a drive out in the country next summer and see what we can find then. Great Scavenger Hunt. And man, it’s scary how high the water came during the flood!

    Rebel xox


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