One Last Scavenger Hunt Month Hurrah


One last image for Scavenger Hunt Month from our Eleuthera trip – possibly my favorite of them all.



I hope you have all had as much fun as I have had all month Scavenger Hunting!

I want to extend a huge thank you to Curvaceous Dee for hosting the Scavenger Hunt in general, and for coming up with Scavenger Month in particular, as it gave me the kick in the ass inspiration to go through a lot of the pictures we’ve taken over the years – and revel in the memories of making those pictures – in order to write my September SH posts. Amazingly, I still have many more – some still from Eleuthera yet! – so this isn’t the last naked Jade you’ll see. (Heh, right?)  Please do visit Curvaceous Dee’s blog and let her know if you’ve enjoyed Scavenger Hunt Month, as well as check out all the other bloggers playing along! Below is just a short list of the ones that I have seen this month…

Congrats (and gratitude) to you all for your wonderful, exhibitionist selves!

Curvaceous Dee (of course!)
Mollys Daily Kiss
Rebel’s Notes
Dragons Kink
Great Love Toys
A Sub to Bee
Changing Views
Modesty Ablaze
Sex with Rose
Beck and Her Kinks
Kink, etc.



    1. Jade

      Well darn! This particular swing wasn’t in a playground, but tied in a tree along a hiking trail, so it probably wouldn’t even count for that, even if I didn’t already have it. :-( No matter either way though – we had a lovely time making the picture! :-)


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