A Wine-y Scavenger Hunt

But I finally managed the flash.


What’s the difference between a vineyard and a winery?
Apparently this is a common question, because a Google search brought back a pageful of links to entire blog posts devoted to answering this burning question. It’s pretty simple, really: a vineyard is where the grapes are grown, a winery is where the wine is made. You don’t have to grow your own grapes to have a winery, and you don’t have to make wine if you own a vineyard – though the two often go hand in hand. The location for my vineyard Scavenger Hunt was in fact a vineyard and a winery, but I was only able to get a picture in the vineyard – which is why we set out for another winery on Sunday. “I must get a winery!”

Yeah I might be a little competitive. ~smirk~

When we arrived, the “signs” looked promising:



…but when we bellied up to the bar in the open-air shed, the bartender said, “Are you with the church group?” W looked at me and I looked at him, and then we noticed the BBQ going, the game of horseshoes, the kids pelting around and the crowd, many of whom were wearing t-shirts declaring their love of Christ and God.


But I shrugged at W: We might as well have a glass or three of wine anyway. The setting was nice, the weather more than perfect, and…who knew? We might be able to pull it off yet. So we shared a bottle of wine…



I'll make a wine lover of him yet!

I’ll make a wine drinker of him yet – and even if I don’t, he’s so damn CUTE sitting there, looking all “lord of the manor.”

And wandered around the place for awhile (I was scoping out the building where the wine vats were, but it was locked up tight.)

We had an awful lot of fun anyway…


We found another vineyard, with vines full of fruit!

We found another vineyard, with vines full of fruit.

And no, I didn't *have* to flash him...I'd already got vineyard! But what the hell.

And no, I didn’t *have* to flash him…I’d already got vineyard! But what the hell.

Must take Big Head Picture!

Of course we had to wander down to the “Adults Playing” sign again…

The wind was playing with me - I lifted my skirt, the wind blew it down!

The wind was playing with me – I lifted my skirt, the wind blew it down!

But I finally managed the flash...

I finally managed the flash…

Only to look up and see someone in the car parked directly in front of the sign in the parking lot.

Oh well…

I had other fish to fry. Namely, the winery flash itself!

We wandered back over to the patio we shared with the church group and discussed how we were going to do it.

“I’ll sit here, facing this way,” I said. “I’ll just scoot my top down like this…”


What you can’t know or see is that just as I was getting ready to do this, some kind of preacher guy behind us suddenly stood up and led them all in prayer. I was so flustered that I panicked and lost the moment – how awesome would that have been to have them all praying behind us? But I did manage to recover just as they all “amen’d” and sat back down, even if I wasn’t brave enough to flash much.

Still, I was disappointed in myself.

“We have to do this right, I said,” and back up to the couches we went.


Two bottles of wine may have fueled this decision, because this was the view to my left. I’m fairly certain they couldn’t have seen, even if they’d looked over at just the right moment.



But hey! No guts no glory, right??

So I think I got “winery”! How about you?

Stay tuned – tomorrow we return to Eleuthera!



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