#KOTW – Stockings, Pantyhose & Tights


I love fall. There are so many things that make it the perfect season: trees draped in beautiful colors that infuse twilight with warm, velvety gold; crisp mornings and evenings chilly enough to warrant a crackling fire; and, of course, it’s boots-and-tights weather!

I practically live in skirts, tights and boots all fall and winter, and while I adore summer’s heavy, somnolent heat, I am always peeking out the side of my eye at my tights drawer, waiting for fall to come so I can bring them out. Remember the post I wrote about panties, and the pile of panties on my bed? I’m not quite to that level with tights yet, but I’m working on it. Colors, patterns, different materials…I want them all, and I wear them all. For instance, today it’s calf-high boots and grey and black polka-dot tights…


Since I am not as comfortable wearing my RHH’s (Ridiculously High Heels) here at my new job, colorful/crazy/fun tights are one way I can still express my individuality in an otherwise fairly conservative environment, and I plan to take full advantage all season long.

But are they kinky or sexy?

I don’t think so. Oh, I love the way I look in them. They’re fun, they’re quirky, they’re attention-getters, and frankly, one reason I love tights is because they accentuate the good things about my legs and hide the things I don’t like. But…no, they don’t feel particularly *sexy* to me, like, say stockings do, or those RHH’s. I put on a pair of stockings and I am immediately aware of the line of lace around my thighs, accentuating the bare skin above and presenting the cleft between them. I am also keenly aware of the echoes of my adolescence, in which I was taught that the “good girls” wore pantyhose; “bad girls” wore stockings.

I longed to be a bad girl.

Bad girls were sexy, powerful, desired. Good girls were…well…they were just boring. Interestingly it wasn’t until I went on my first kink date that I ever owned or wore a pair of stockings and a garter belt. Apparently being a “good girl” was just too ingrained. And possibly because of this, pantyhose don’t do anything for me, either as regular wear at work or as a fetish wear. They do it for a lot of people though – women wearing pantyhose is a huge fetish, particularly in the damsel-in-distress genre. There are entire websites devoted to it, countless discussion groups on Fetlife, and pretty much an entire subculture of pantyhose fetishists – men and women. Below is the lovely AJ Marion in stills from one such video:

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Find the full video here: http://clips4sale.com/30515/7756569

So no pantyhose love for me. But stockings and a garter belt? Oh yeah, they make me feel decadent, powerful & sexy. Naughty in a very classy, femme-fatale way. Too bad W doesn’t like them as well…though that doesn’t keep me from wearing them occasionally anyway.

The place where pantyhose/tights sort of take a left turn into sexy for me is with fishnet hose of any pattern/color. For some reason a round, bare or thong-clad ass in fishnets is a VERY sexy image to me, and wearing them makes me feel excited and exciting at the same time. Fishnets also, very specifically, make me think of kink, perhaps because that’s where and when I wore my first pair.

Do you find pantyhose or stockings sexy? Check out the other kinksters writing about them by clicking the image below!


  1. Cammies on the Floor

    You’re right: the tights are a great way to show individuality and playfulness in an otherwise professional and conservative work place. Never thought of it that way, and now I want some to be able to have a little bit of myself out there.

  2. Malflic

    I’ll save most my commentary on this one for a private conversation later but will leave you with it is not right to leave your readers with an image of you in stockings and garters but no picture of it.

    Tease! :)

    BTW Really cute tights.


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