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An UN-Birthday Party

Oct 9, 2014 | Posted by in Before | 2

Hey, so…I had a birthday party in September! I know, it went by with barely a peep, unlike last year, when I had the mega-birthday-spanking extravaganza (that I still haven’t posted the video of – but I’m working on it!) or the year that I offered my ass up to anyone that wanted to spankRead more …

Ducky & Bunny

Oct 6, 2014 | Posted by in Before | 0
And, um, rightly so! Sad Ducky - happy Bunny!

I’ve never had a rabbit vibrator before, but I’ve wanted one for a long time. Finally – finally! – I got my nerve up and ordered one. I’ve also never had a toy that can be used in the tub. Well, unless you count Ducky. Based on favorable reviews, I finally took the plunge (that’sRead more …

Tied Up and Twisted

Oct 5, 2014 | Posted by in Memes & Prompts, Sinful Sunday | 17

I almost missed this prompt. I saw it when it was first posted and was like, “Cool!” I’m a big Alison Tyler fan – in fact she was one of the first erotica authors I started following when I first started blogging. Then I scanned the titles, and I knew I’d have to come toRead more …

Elust #62 – The Smartest Smut on the Net

Oct 4, 2014 | Posted by in e[lust], Memes & Prompts | 0

Forgive me, I’m tardy in posting this. I’ve been using my new tablet at work during lunch to blog, and unfortunately the WordPress app doesn’t have all the functionality of my laptop, nor the ease-of-use. I thought I had scheduled this post already, but apparently it was still in draft mode. (And apparently the SinfulRead more …