The Queen’s Bath


I told you I had a few more Scavenger Hunt locations from Eleuthera, as well as some vanilla pics of the trip to share, so even though it’s not “Scavenger Hunt Month” anymore, I think I will go ahead and wrap them up over the next few days.

One of the many interesting places we visited on Eleuthera – and one of my favorites – was a rock-and-sea formation known as the “Queen’s Bath,” an extreme example of tidal pools that most of the residents referred to as “the hot tubs” while we were there. Oddly enough, when I googled “Queens’ Bath” I found listings for Kauai, Hawaii. Apparently this is a common name! Kinda cool how much they look alike, isn’t it?


Queen’s Bath, Kauai

Queen's Bath, Eleuthera

Queen’s Bath, Eleuthera

I knew when I saw them that I had to get a Scavenger Hunt there. I had tried to get “tidal pool” while out in California, but as with the Boobies & Bondage Fail, I wasn’t quite able to pull it off. And really? These tidal pools were sooo much more spectacular! It proved to be almost as difficult to get as the California ones though, taking us two trips to the pools to find ourselves alone enough, and even then not so that I could actually flash in the pools. But I have lots more pretty pictures to share before we get to that.

Day 1

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I got in.

I got in.

Swam about...

Swam about…

Played mermaids with my friend...

Played mermaids with my friend…

But when I decided it was time to strip...

But when I decided it was time to strip…

People showed up. Close call, damn it!

People showed up.
Close call, damn it!

Day 2

Day two was no better luck, at least in terms of getting naked down in the tubs. But I realized that probably wasn’t necessary – next to them would probably do. (But next year, if we go back – YES they will be IN the tubs! LOL) This was the view from above. Still spectacular!


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And whew! Looks like I gotta update my Scavenger Hunt Page (go there to check them all out!)…I’m up around 70 or so now!
Oh…I just looked to see if there was a “tidal pools” on the list of locations, but didn’t see one…I was sure there was *something* like that there! Maybe by another name?





  1. Jade Post author

    @Modesty @Scarlett It (the island and that spot) truly is an amazing place. I’m hoping to go back next year.


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