Snapshots of Three Weekends

Snapshot 2

Every Monday the past few weeks I’ve meant to write week/weekend-in-review posts, and have even started them, but I always get sidetracked one way or another. I have had some wonderful, bliss-filled weekends recently. Nothing terribly significant (well, except for one bit of news that I’ll share in a bit) but just…perfectly, quietly happy. Days filled with family and friends, nights filled with friends and debauchery, and all of it blending together in a marvelous mix.

Exactly the kind of life I’ve envisioned, and worked for.

I think I have finally adjusted to my new work schedule. It’s been three months (my 90-day probation period is over today), so it’s taken me a little while to settle in, but I finally feel like I have gotten on top of it and am making the job work for me, instead of simply slogging through the days trying to make it to the end of the week. Part of that settling in has been facilitated by making an effort to be social outside of work (and within it.) I’ve had walking, coffee, wine & lunch dates with new friends, old friends and coworkers, went on field trips with and had family over for dinner, refused to let myself weasel out of social events (vanilla and kink) and made a concerted effort to reach out to friends & coworkers. No, I haven’t done everything that has come across my radar, and I have given myself permission-without-guilt for NOT doing “everything,” but being social has helped enormously.

Who woulda thunk, huh?

Weekend 1

This is a picture from several weekends ago of an apple-picking excursion we went on:


Snapshot 1

It was taken by a sweet boy that worked at the apple farm (orchard?) with whom I shared a recipe for apple-peach chutney and he one with me for baked caramel apples. He was young, maybe 19 or 20, with tattoos covering his arms and multiple piercings in nose and ears, and he waxed poetic about his grandma’s apple recipes, then offered to take our picture.

We ended up picking FIFTY-FOUR pounds of apples, and then, while Ad & W looked on (in amazement, admiration and possibly a little incredulity) the Missy and I proceeded to make and can 6 quarts of applesauce and 18 pints of apple butter. It took all day Saturday and Sunday, and on Sunday we celebrated our apple-frenzy with a pork tenderloin with the aforementioned apple-peach chutney, roasted potatoes with fresh rosemary, various side salads, apple pie and apple sangria. It was quite the feast – and quite the feat!

It wasn’t all family-time though. We took a break from all those apples (and family members) Saturday evening so that W and I could go to a kink party. Ad had planned to go but bowed out at the last minute (he has had low social energy lately, though he seems to be on the upswing a bit again.) I was sorely disappointed. I don’t get much Ad-kink time, and had really been looking forward to a double-team beat-down, but, after 10 years or so, I am used to Ad’s swings in sociability, so off W and I went. It was there that I was introduced to a lovely new someone who reads my blog and has been spending time with my good friends R & Mj. I was rather proud of myself for asking her out to have drinks or coffee or something shortly after the party. (New leaf, right?) We ended up taking a walk in the park and having a lovely chat. What a delight she was (is) and I am very much looking forward to the opportunity to spend more time with her again. The scene that W and I did was perfect as well, making me forget my disappointment in Ad not being there as I floated on happy-buzzy-beaten-up-Jade endorphins.

Weekend 2

The weekend after that W and I had planned to attend a local swinger group party. Were both really looking forward to it, and in fact had already paid the event fee, when something came up: my period. (Or should I say it came down?) Anyway, there was no way I was going to go to a party where we could very well end up in sexual situations when I was bleeding from my vagina.

Just. Not. Happening.

Sigh. After the last party (that I still have not finished posting about) I was ready to take the plunge: ready to find myself (and W) an actual, for-real, couple to play with, and hopefully – gasp – have sex with. You know, actual, for-real sex.

I know it sounds ridiculous that it would have taken this much mental maneuvering on my part to get there, to get to actually be contemplating having sex with others in a swinger situation, considering the content of this blog. But swinger sex has just not been something I’ve been able to navigate successfully yet, for whatever reason.  We got damn close last time though, and that positive experience is, in large part, responsible for my newly-forged will to make allow it happen this time.

Bah. My body can be such a cunt sometimes.

That situation did not prevent us from going to a kink party, however. Kink can be a number of things: sexual, non-sexual, sensual, brutal, humiliating, tender, serious, fun and games… Or a combination of any of those and so many other things. When I told W why I needed to cancel the swinger party his immediate response was that it wouldn’t prevent me from getting kinky at the other party. There was a (small) part of me that wondered if he would use my period as part of a humiliation scene, but I needn’t have worried. Although it’s been brought up a few times, he generally doesn’t push me on that edge. (I have a curious mixture of feelings about that: relief, disappointment, anxiety, excitement.) Instead, although there were many orgasms induced that night, and I received beatings that left me happily dazed and confused for a time afterward, no one else at the party knew whether or not I was in flux. ;-)

****Pausing just a moment to think about those scenes. My clearest memory is W wrestling me to the floor with a whip in his hand. I (think) my hands were tied…wait, yes, they definitely were…but I was wriggling and laughing and yelping as he whipped me. Yes, laughing.  He wasn’t taking it easy on me, and he wasn’t being “playful,” for all that we call it “play.” That’s just my reaction sometimes.

Finally he simply bore down on me until I collapsed on the floor with him on top of me. I remember his weight on me, pinning me, I remember his breath harsh in my ear, I remember the strike of the whip – it may have been the short, heavy red paddle-stick – landing on my thighs, calves & arms. And I remember grinding helplessly against his knee, surrendering mindlessly to the need to climax.

Snapshot 2

Snapshot 2

Whew. What a fucking awesome scene that was.

Here’s a secret, though (not so secret if you’ve read me for long): one of the things that made it so hot was the lead-up to it. We’d already scened once. Sitting at his feet, laying my head in his lap, I’d decided I was done. “I’m ready to go home,” I said. Then, quickly, “I want to get beat up again when we get there.” I was done with socializing, not with kink. I desperately wanted more, and I was afraid that we’d stay there another hour, talking, eating, drinking, and the momentum would be gone. He agreed – then, abruptly, changed his mind. “I think you need another public beat-up,” he said. It was so unexpected (he almost never does that anymore, taking the choice from me that way) that I think I sort of snorted “right,” just before he grabbed my wrist and dragged me over to our favorite spot and proceeded to tie me up and whip me into stunned mindlessness. It was where my mind went in that moment that he grabbed my wrist – into a D/s headspace as opposed to the usual, “Okay, let’s do this together,” headspace – that spun me down so deep into the scene. Have I already mentioned how fucking awesome it was?)

The next day W and I met Ad for breakfast and then we all went to the zoo. Ad is big on the zoo. I am a bit ambivilent about it, (my feelings go back and forth between feeling sorry for the animals and curiosity and wonder about them) but it was a beautiful day to be out and about with my Guys. I MAY also have been using the zoo visit in an attempt at a Scavenger Hunt…but you’ll have to wait and see if we managed it. ;-)

Weekend 3

The following weekend started on Thursday. We’d been thinking about trying to make Taboo, a local kink event at a strip club, but it’s SO hard for me manage a late night Thursday and still feel able to function at work the next day. And, you know, I’m still in my probation period at work, so there’s motivation to be on my game. But oh how I wanted to play…! So after W and I got back from dinner, when he said, “So what do you want to do?” I didn’t let myself fall into a post-dinner haze, or play coy hoping he’d suggest playing, or better yet, just grab me and say we were going to play.

“I want to play,” I said, immediately and without equivocation.

And boy did we play! W tied me to the post that he has kept in his living room since my birthday party (“I’m not taking it down til we get some good use out of it.”)

We did. I collapsed in a boneless heap at his feet when he brought me down, and I don’t even remember going to bed. Happy, stoned-on-endorphins-Jade once again. I’m glad we decided to stay home. :-D

The next night, Friday, I had a lovely date with a certain flip-flop-wearing world-traveler involving a good meal, lots of talk, a bit of flirting, yummy cupcakes and delicious martinis. (Someday, I hope, it will involve spankings as well.) ;-) But it was good to catch up with him again, with or without spankings, and to renew our connection, which can be sporadic and tenuous at times.

Saturday it was a day with the kids again as Ad and I helped my daughter and her boyfriend move some furniture into their new place – Ad’s and my house over by the Garden. Our previous tenant has just moved out and my daughter’s and her roommate’s lease came up this month, so the two of them (and the Missy’s boyfriend) are moving into the house. I’m excited for them and happy to see the house rented to family – besides the fact that if I need a place to crash after I have too much wine at my favorite wine bar, their place is just around the corner. ;-)

And then, as with the previous weekends, we took a break from family time to attend another kink party. This time, Ad decided to join us, and I got to dress up:

Snapshot 3

Snapshot 3

We had a lovely scene with both Guys topping me, and the added zing of a “walk-on” Top joining in. I got triple-timed! Woo-hoo! And of course there were old friends and new there, lots of good food, interesting talk and what has to be the most Halloweenie house in the metro area. Sooo much fun.

The next morning started out like this.

And ended with the semi-world-shaking event I alluded to above: W, Ad and I went and looked at a house for sale. That’s right, we’re thinking of buying a house.


For all of us to live in. Together. (In case that wasn’t clear.) ;-)

We’re just in the beginnings of this discussion – well, maybe not the BEGINNING beginning, we’ve been talking about it as an abstract thing for about 8 or 9 months – but now we are talking about it as a potential reality. And looking at houses, and talking about how it would/could work. I think…this is going to happen. Maybe not with this house (we have a couple more to look at) but…yes. I think we have all come to the conclusion that we should do it.

So there you have it…the past month in a nutshell. Or a conch shell. Or maybe even a Shell gas  station shell. (It was a big update!)

And how was your month?


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