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Of course I had to get a little naked.

As I am sure many of you have been as well, Ad and I have been riveted and dismayed by the stories of the Puna Lava Flow (Hawaii Lava Flow Destroys First Home, Dozens Of Others Threatened.)

It is both beautiful and terrible, and reminds me how puny we humans really are, in the face of Mother Nature. It also reminds me that one of Ad’s “bucket list” items is to see a live volcano – tho not that live.

And it also reminded me of some more pictures we took while we were on Eleuthera for another (hopeful) Scavenger Hunt. I knew that “lava,” “volcanic rocks,” or “lava flow” wasn’t on the list, but it seemed too good an opportunity to pass up, in case Dee could be convinced to add it to the Scavenger Hunt Locations list.

I was actually really surprised to see what looked like lava rocks on the island, but it turns out that many of the islands were formed by volcanic activity, which has left behind the unmistakeable, sharp, black, rocky outcroppings you see here.



Of course I had to get a little naked.

Of course I had to get a little naked.

Or a lot. ;-)

Or a lot. ;-) (Darn those rocks are sharp!)

So there you have it, almost our last Scavenger Hunt on Eleuthera (if Dee says it is a location)! I think I have two more before we move on…

I had hoped we might be going back to Eleuthera this summer actually, in fact had started looking at properties to rent in earnest, but then…well, then the house happened. Oddly, I don’t mind giving up my summer vacation. :-D



  1. drew

    wow….majestic but frightening. Part of the evoloutionary process of our planet., but scary nonetheless. It makes beatings one’s butt seem insignificant. (but it still feels SO right…)
    I so enjoy you letting us lurkers into your head. Thanks from the bottom of my heart…Keep writing. We are out here.

  2. Curvaceous Dee

    I think I get to be disappointing again, Jade – as much as I love these photos, I’d classify them under ‘beach’ or (at a stretch) ‘rocks’. Both of which you have! Feel free to persuade me differently though, as I’m happy to change my mind.

    xx Dee

    1. Jade Post author

      Well, the main difference I would see in this being different than “beach” is that hardened lava flows, (lava field, lava plain or lava bed) such as the above, happen everywhere there has been volcanic activity, not just by the sea or water as is necessary for a beach – so it really IS a different thing/location than a beach. You can read about the geological phenomenon here:

      I also think they differ from “rocks” because of the fact that they aren’t really rocks, but a hardened flow of lava…but I would think they are closer to rocks than a beach. ;-) Still, I think “lava field” or “lava bed” is unique enough to be it’s own place.

      Let me know if I’ve convinced you! :-)


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