A Birthday Celebration for Ad


Remember this? That’s right, it’s the spinner that Ad made for my UN-birthday.

We used it again for Ad’s birthday last weekend.


For his birthday we three went back to the winery that W and I had enjoyed so much this past summer. This time, we stayed at an adorable little cottage on the winery grounds, and toured a local brewery/distillery, at which they had beer, moonshine and vodka tastings.

We were a happy bunch.


Adam liked his beer.

Adam liked his beer.

It took W a little while longer to "appreciate" the absinthe moonshine.

It took W a little while longer to fully “appreciate” the absinthe moonshine.

As for me, I liked the school bell in the beer-making room.

As for me, I liked the old school bell in what used to be the gymnasium and is now a brewing room (the brewery took over part of an old grammar school.)


I really wanted to get “brewery” or “distillery” for a Scavenger Hunt, but there was just nothing doing. Even on a cold, rainy day, there were dozens of workers and customers around. Except in one place…

“I spy with my little eye…”

A Buffalo, a Sled, and a Vintage Car.  “I think we can do it,” I said.

We wandered over to the buffalo.

Christmas Buffalo
But there were too many workers in the next room, visible through a large window. Same thing for the sled.

But the vintage car…


Checking for Company

“We can do it!”



Riding the high of a successful Scavenger Hunt (and not getting caught!) we headed back to the cottage. We had some time until our dinner reservations. “Let’s play with the Spinner,” I said.

Ad chose the weapons – er, toys – and we added them to the board.


Then he stated the game: I spin, they whack. 49 times each, 11 spins before dinner, 12 after. (His birthday is 11/12.)


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The fun came when, halfway through the caning, I heard W say, softly, “Oops.”

I looked up at where he sat on the couch, watching, taking the occasional picture.


He jerked his chin toward the windowed french doors that let out onto our porch. I’d felt fairly secluded there, even with the lights blazing through the windows, because the porch only overlooked the vineyard.

What I didn’t count on was the employee that chose that moment to bring us our “breakfast basket.” (Why they brought it at night I’ll never know.)

This is what he may have seen:

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He was discreet enough to stand to the side, not looking in the windows after knocking.

W, amazingly cool and collected, went to the door, retrieved our breakfast, thanked the guy, and came back. We had a nervous laugh, wrapped up, and went to dinner. Later that night after we returned from dinner, we observed our neighbors (two couples) playing slap and tickle on their own porch.

So maybe he wasn’t as shocked as we had feared.

And that wrapped up a birthday celebration for Ad…well, until the next morning. Doesn’t everyone get a “Birthday Blowjob”?

(PS – I don’t see “vintage car” or “antique car” on the Scavenger Hunt list, but since “delivery van” is there, I am hoping that vintage care is unique enough to count as well.)




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