A Piercing Question


“Do you like piercings?” The obvious answer, for W and I, is a resounding “YES!”

I’ve written about my numerous piercings enough that I created a tag for it: http://kinkandpoly.com/blog/tag/piercings/ 

There you can find many of the writings and images I have posted  over the years, since the beginning of my piercing odyssey with W, as well as some remembrances of when I got my first genital piercing more than 10 years ago, when I was with my Ex, all the stories in between.  I talk about them in terms of power dynamics; I mentioned in another #KOTW about what it’s like for them to be pinched; and more than once about the ways W will at times torture them – and how, sometimes, I crave that pussy torture. I’ve written about my relationship with my pierced pussy and how she looks in her beringed state in my Pussy Pride post for Molly’s Daily Kiss and about shocking surprising W-mandated dates and (accidentally) the ladies at my gym with them. I’ve even talked about running with piercings and practicing yoga with piercings. The Guys have chimed in on their feelings about my piercings in another Pussy Pride post: Sex with Rings, and I talk about fucking with rings and new piercings a lot.

So…I kind of thought it was W’s turn to talk about piercings. No, he doesn’t have even one, but, yeah, he’s the reason I do. So here, in his words:

I have always been attracted to people that are “interesting” or “different” And when it comes right down to it I think that sums up my favorable reaction to people with piercings. Whether they intend it or not, that is the message they send to me. The girl with the nose ring or the bar in her ear catches my attention. She may not be my type, but I want to get to know her anyway. I want to meet her as an equal – see what she is about.


But when it comes to sexual piercings my fantasy mind goes into overdrive. I want to do her. I want to do her hard. I want to pull her along tethered by her rings, torture her, attach an ID tag, decorations and weights and take her to the slave market where I can sell her to the highest bidder! OK, getting back to the real world, I do in fact attach weights to Jade, use her rings to pull her open or lock her closed, and might tether her to something immovable every now and then. And I do like to take her into a club knowing there are bobbles or weights hanging just below the hem of her skirt. Maybe the observant can see them too.


In my mind a woman who sports genital rings, nipple jewelry or a septum ring is confident, and sexually aware. After returning from a trip, Jade surprised me wearing a fabulous set of labia rings that suited her style and anatomy perfectly. Whether her motivation sprang from her own libido or she responded to my tastes, she made the investment in time, discomfort and social branding to showcase the importance of her sexuality. She knows that it sets my imagination running and that my particular fantasies have been let loose upon her.

And I don’t mind if it only works for real in my head. I’m ever grateful to those sexually confident strong women that choose to wear steel bars and rings in their feminine parts …. and feed my fantasies for a little while.


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  1. sub-Bee

    I agree, I love the way each piercing looks so different even when they’re a similar style. I think they’re stunning and just exude confidence and self awareness.

    1. Jade

      Thank you! I’ve actually been somewhat judicious about posting the more…extreme…images of my piercings and what we do with them. I’m nevr sure of the response I’ll get.

      Possibly this I’d fodder for yet another post. ;-)

      I’m so glad you were able to post on the #kotw! I will definitely get over there and have a read. Xoxo


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