Rainy Day Scavenger Hunting

My bird comes out to play.

Originally we were supposed to head home early on the day after Ad’s birthday, but as fate would have it, our dogsitter (my son, The Boychild) had the day off work, so he told us to take our time getting home.

“You know what that means, don’t you?” I said, bouncing up and down with my tablet in hand.

The Guys looked at each other quizzically, down at the tablet, then back at me.

“Scavenger Hunting!” I said, waving my tablet at them, which was opened to the Scavenger Hunt Locations page on Curvaceous Dee’s site.

I’ve been a little bit of a loose cannon lately, not really hunting locations as much as creating them when I have seen something interesting that I thought would make a good location, and then seeing if Dee would add it to her list.  She has been very gracious in counting most of them, such as Graffiti, Lover’s Leap, Driftwood, Cycle Trail and Boat/Ship, and even when she hasn’t, we’ve had a lot of fun getting them anyway. Occasionally this (non) method has also resulted in duplicates of locations, which always makes me laugh when I get home and realize, damn, I got naked there again? What a waste of some good nudity!

Anyway, this day I decided my Scavenger Hunting was going to be By. The. Book. Only officially-approved, Dee-sanctioned Scavenger Hunts allowed!

I made a list. And added check-boxes, and color-coded it and then I mapped out the locations in Google Maps and drew up an Action Plan. (Yeah this was some serious shit.) The Guys just laughed and shook their heads.

I’m a force-of-nature, y’all.

And of course Scavenger Hunt #1 wasn’t even on my oh-so-carefully-prepared list. (Nor was the last, though the three in the middle were. We also didn’t get to three others that were on the list, when the rain finally defeated even my enthusiasm. But I’d say we did pretty well, and most important of all, had a good time.)

We saw this amazing fence on the way out of the winery. “Wait, stop, we have to get this!” I said. “It is too, too cool a fence to pass up.” Honestly I wasn’t sure fence was even on the Locations page. I already had Wall and Gate.  Could fence be on there as well? A quick look at the list, however, confirmed that it was, indeed, a separate location, one that Beck of Beck and Her Kinks had recently gotten.

Then…it started raining.  But what can I say – a little rain wasn’t going to stop me. I had a hood!


On the fence...

On the fence…

Scavenger Hunt #1: Fence – check!

Next up was one that Molly of Molly’s Daily Kiss had introduced: Livestock.

I have a confession: I love cows. There’s just something about their big, dumb, sweet faces that I just can’t resist. So I was pretty excited about trying to see some up close.

W and I had passed lots of cows on our way out to the winery the last time we had come that way, and I’d really wanted to get “livestock” then, but the weather had been beautiful and there was a constant stream of cars on the roads, so the best we could manage was “Farm” (what I called “hay bales.”) But hey, today it was raining, there was only the occasional car passing by – a great day to get out and flash my titties at the cows, right?

When we first stopped by this field, the cows were a lot closer, especially the light brown one that is just behind me in these pictures. But as soon as I got out of the car and started walking toward them, they all backed away. I was sure they were going to gallop away down the field, but they actually turned to watch what I was doing…

(I’m trying out a new Lightbox plug-in – click on the images to see them larger.)

Scavenger Hunt #2: Livestock – check!

So what’s next, the Guys wanted to know.

“We’re going camping, Boys,” I said.


They've got it all here!

They’ve got it all here!

But what I needed was “Campground.”

I’d actually attempted another campground Scavenger Hunt, a couple of years ago, when W and I were traveling back east. It had been poor weather that day, really snowing hard, and I was sure the campground would be deserted enough that I could get buck nekkid if I wanted to and no one would see.

I was wrong. I guess the park ranger thought it was suspicious that we’d want to be driving around a campground in the snow, because he followed us, right on our bumper until we gave up and left. I was worried that the same thing might happen this time, seeing as how it was raining. Who goes to a campground in the rain, right?

We had no such problem, though. In fact there were a couple vehicles in the parking pads, with campers in the spaces. There was also a camp host, with his camper in clear view of all the spaces.

I wasn’t going to let that deter me.

Scavenger Hunt #3: Campground – check!

But wait, there’s more. I had added “Dumpster” to my list because I had a feeling there might be one at the park, and with so few people camping, we might be able to get it. As it turned out, there was a whole herd of dumpsters, just waiting to have their picture taken with a half-naked woman.

I was happy that they weren't the ugly green ones. And they certainly appeared to be in favor of "freedom" of expression. ;-)

I was happy that they weren’t the ugly green ones. And they certainly appeared to be in favor of “freedom” of expression. ;-)

Scavenger Hunt #4: Dumpster – check!

Now this last one was a freebie, one of those serendipitous ones that we just stumbled across, although I should have thought of it as soon as I thought about being at the park. The problem is – it turned out to be another of those that I thought was a pre-approved location, but turns out is not, at least as I have presented it here. The location? “Trailhead.”

The trailhead signage for Pickle Creek Trail, one of the prettiest trails in Missouri during the spring and fall.

The trailhead signage for Pickle Creek Trail, one of the prettiest trails in Missouri during the spring and fall.

"The trail's up there!"

“The trail’s up there!”

After I got the pic and got back to the car, though, I realized my error as I looked thru the locations: “Hiking Trail” is one, but “Trailhead” is not. The damn thing is, I already have a post in the wings for “hiking trail”! So, unless Dee decides to make Trailhead its own location, it looks like I’ve gone and got my breasts out again for no good reason. (Heh.)

It’s looking more and more like I need to make a separate page for my rejected locations and accidental duplicates. ;-)

In any case, Scavenger Hunt #5 is completed, whether it is Hiking Trail or Trailheadcheck!

You can see a list of all the Locations I have completed (there’s a lot!) on my Scavenger Hunt page.




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