More Scavenger Hunting – Mermaid


I was so glad to see that Curvaceous Dee added my last Scavenger Hunt to her master list, creating a new official location for “lava field/lava plain.” I’m really not trying to buck the system when I post locations that aren’t listed, I just…well, sometimes I get a little enthusiastic in my hunting. ;-) But not today. Today I am posting an already sanctioned, Official Scavenger Hunt Location: Underwater. There are already several participants who have snagged this one, in some lovely and creative ways: Curvaceous Dee herself, KaziGirl (oops, Kaz – the link to the image is broken, though the post comes up), Clive, and Molly.

My own underwater adventure took place in Eleuthera (no surprise there, eh?) But goodness, who could resist skinny-dipping in that beautiful, calm sea?

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If my count is correct, this is my 63rd notch on the Scavenger Hunt! Check out the rest of the places I’ve gone on my Scavenger Hunt Page.




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