2014 First Line Retrospective

As I did in 2009, 2010 & 2013, I am sending off 2014 with a brief look back at the year, via the first line of the first blog post for each month.

But before I do that, I want to throw a shout out to a few of the bloggers that have been doing their own old-year/new-year posts. While I’ve been largely absent from my own blogspace lately, having little energy or time for writing, the last thing I’ve done before bed each night is read a blog entry or two from other bloggers, and this past week has filled me with pleasure as I have used these posts to catch up with all my blogging friends. I don’t use the word “friends” lightly, by the way. It truly feels like “catching up with friends,” as much as doing so at a party in real life is. So thank you to you all for helping me to celebrate the year past, and bring in the new!

  • A Sex Blog of Sorts has an ongoing “Best of 2014″ list (a riff off the Twelve days of Christmas) in which she features her favorite bloggers of 2014 and three of her favorite posts of theirs. I absolutely love this series, as I have found quite a few wonderful new blogs and specific blog posts through it. I may have more to write about a few of them myself in the coming weeks.
  • In a similar vein, Rebel’s Notes does a unique take on the retrospective by featuring a month-by-month “favorites” post as well – favorite posts by other bloggers, favorite images and blog posts of her own and accomplishments in that month – in two posts, January – June and July – December.
  • Cammies on the Floor participates again in the first line retrospective meme in 2014 First Lines Reveal, but hers is much better than what I have done in the past (simply linking to the first line.) She gives us a little summary of what was going on that inspired the post – details that I love, and a method that I am going to emulate myself.
  • Molly’s Daily Kiss celebrates 2 million unique page views on her blog (two MILLION!) by featuring a summary of each month’s most read post in A Year in the Life. Way to go, Moll – here’s to two million more!

And now, on to my Year-End Retrospective… (link on the month to go to a list of all the month’s posts, or the title of the post just to go to that one.)

January (17 posts) – A moment, a breath… “That’s what I am taking right now. A moment just to breathe…”

One of the best things about doing this retrospective is that I get to look back and remember everything myself, along with you. What a year 2014 was! Some big, big changes, many of which I talk about and preview in this post. I loved rereading it, reliving all the joys, surprises and adventures that awaited me in January, and in 2014. And my snow angel picture made me giggle all over again.

February (34 posts) – February Photofest – Day 1 “I’ve joined the Challenge! Each day, along with my regular posts, I will be posting a single image for the February Photofest” and A Bushy Tale: “Well, and a bushy tail. But I’m not going there, at least as a pictorial.”

In which I decided to take the plunge and post a photo a day along with Molly (and others.) In my follow-up post, I talked about the reveal in that first Photofest pictorial: I was going bushy for the month.

March (17 posts) – Finding My Balance “So.  Apparently, balance is a common and recurring theme in my life, since I have posted on the topic many times: Assisted Yoga: Balance, Balance, part 1, Balance, part 2, Balance & “Wank Wednesday”, HNT – Balance, When Life Goes Sideways.”

Those first few months were so incredible. An amazing train trip out to California for a month in January, then back home for a moment before heading out to Eleuthera, and then, two weeks later, driving out for a month of  house sitting alone in a cabin in Pennsylvania.  This post was the beginning of that trip, and all the surprises, challenges and joys it would hold.

April (16 posts) – Boobies & Bondage: Tennessee “The past week W and I drove from my housesit in Pennsylvania to a cottage on the Outer Banks in North Carolina, and then back to Missouri.”

The beginning of the end of my gallivanting around, this post touched on the our trip a bit, but also allowed me to post one of my favorite “boobies and cowboy hat” photos.

May (7 posts) – A Sexretary Day, Polkadots & Boobies “I’m sitting here at “The Doghouse,” as I call the place here in St. Louis where I dogsit.”

By May the stress of knowing I was going to be jobless soon was getting to me, and the novelty of “working anywhere” was beginning to wear off as well. This post was a much-needed hiatus from all of that.

June (11 posts) – Juicy Sex Stories Contest “Spread your legs, Jack said.”

I didn’t do a lot of erotica writing in 2014 (um, read: any erotica writing), and I don’t usually write for contests, but this seemed like a fun way to exercise my writing chops. What else happened in June? Well, I made a colossal, classic social media blunder and had to hide my Twitter presence for awhile. I also gave a job interview while driving to a kinky weekend event, and secured not one, but two job offers. Oh, and there was a bit of kink as well.

July (5 posts) – Saturday Morning Miscellaney “I’ve been up since 4:30 AM. Not for any bad reason – no more anxieties here, at least not the work-induced sort.”

This is the post in which I talk about the job offers mentioned above, and about why I wasn’t going to accept the one everyone else in the world thought was the “better” offer. Then I barely blog for the rest of the month.

August (16 posts) – News & Notes, Week of July 27 “It’s obnoxious to be awake at 4am. Especially when I have to be at work at 8:30, bright and chipper, and on-the-ball for my first day without my predecessor, who officially retired yesterday.”

Looks like I’m getting back on the blogging wagon in August, starting out with a post about another huge change in my life: a new job working full-time in an office, with new workmates and a new work culture. This month also saw a return to some kink in my life, as well as the end of the Alphabet Challenge, begun almost two years previously.

September (22 posts) – The Big Book of Submission – 69 Kinky Tales “Whew! It’s been awhile since I posted on Jade Melisande. If you follow me here, then you know why; if you don’t, suffice it to say my life outside of writing and kink got pretty hectic.”

Originally posted over on Jade Melisande (my author page) as a Blog Hop post for the Big Book of Submission, I decided to post it here as well, because I couldn’t post the video along with it, and the video is pretty darn cute. If you haven’t seen it, go do so, now. Seriously. It’s fun. The publishing of the BBoS marked the last of my stories from the year before’s crazy writing & publishing frenzy, and the month featured a whole slew of Scavenger Hunts as I participated in Curvaceous Dee’s Scavenger Hunt Month. Also, it was my birthday month, tho the post on my UNbirthday Party didn’t come until October.

October (15 posts) – Where It Comes From “In case you haven’t noticed, I didn’t post anything for the last two Kink of the Weeks (school girl fetish & gas masks.) I know, I know, I should post something, after all it is my meme, right?”

2014 marked a change in my Kink of the Week meme, in which I decided to do it twice a month as opposed to weekly. But I was still having difficulty keeping up with it, at least in regards to writing my own posts for it. That didn’t mean I wasn’t thinking about the topics a lot though, and in this first post in October, I wrote some of those musings. October was rough not just for blogging, but also for us kink- and sex-wise, as various ailments and other impediments reared their ugly heads. Still, I did have some sex, and of course that inspired some sexy writing, in Cock-Gag. Oh, and this may have been the month that I mentioned the possibility of us all moving in together (for real) for the first time.

November (14 posts) – Seven – A Fairytale of Sorts “Eirwen woke, stretching languorously. Hair as black as midnight tumbled over her shoulders, stark against skin so pale it was almost translucent.”

Thus began a short story I wrote for the Wicked Wednesday prompt “Fairytales.” It was my first piece of fiction in quite some time, and it came out of me almost all in one sitting, with little-to-no prompting or revisions. I loved it from the moment it started pouring from me, as apparently quite a few others did – it made it into the Top Three in that month’s e[lust]. We also had a birthday celebration for Ad, and furthered our discussions about the new house, which we had just submitted a bid on.

December (8 posts) – Community “It’s strange how insular – isolated, even – one can become, even out here on the big wide internet.  As a blogger, I have a fairly narrow focus, and belong to a fairly small subset of bloggers, and then within that subset I inhabit an even smaller circle, writing about kink and alternative relationships almost exclusively.”

December marked the month that everything changed for us all, in a way so monumental it is hard to believe sometimes. We bought a house, and inside of the next month, we will all be living here. But before that, I talked about this blogging community that I belong to, and what that means to me. The majority of my posts this month have been what I call “thought pieces.” Posts in which I muse and mumble and ramble on, but which don’t have a whole lot of sex or kink – mostly because when I’m not getting any, I find it difficult to write about it. One notable exception was Sexing Him in the Morning, a piece that I enjoyed writing (and living) immensely.

And that wraps up 2014! Thank you all for hanging out here with me, for sharing yourselves with me and spending time here in this blogspace that I love so much. I wish you all the best in the year ahead!



  1. Marie Rebelle

    Like last year I love your roundup, love re-reading some posts and discovering some I have somehow missed. Also, thanks for mentioning the roundups of others as through this I am discovering new blogs too! And of course, thanks for mentioning my blog too. I love how this idea of you has been taken over by others and molded into something that fit their blogs.

    I look forward to a reading lots more of you in 2015!

    Happy New Year, my friend!

    Rebel xox

  2. Cammies on the Floor

    I love how you inspire (for example, I started the first lines because of you) and yet you read what you inspire in others and still continue to evolve. I loved how I could see your month in review, and remember all the changes in places, jobs, and mindsets you had. Thank you for revealing so much of yourself. And thank you for giving a shout out to others, part of the reason I love this sex blogging community is that so many of us truly try to support each other.
    Can’t wait to see what the next year brings you.

  3. Charlie

    I’m so pleased that you’re discovering new blogs via my Twelve Days of Christmas (so pleased, in fact, that after a brief hiatus for personal reasons I’ve decided to carry on with it because it’s so motivating to know that people are enjoying it). I love too that you read a couple of blog posts before bed each night – that’s what I do, plus a couple on the bus to and from work, as well. I look forward to reading more of your writing in 2015 and hope it’s a happy year for you.

    Charlie xx

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  5. Molly

    Thank you for the mention. To be honest I am finding it hard to believe 2 million… that is a very very big number.

    I love how you have done your round-up and Feb’s line makes me wonder if I can tempt you with another febphotofest this year?


    1. Jade Post author

      I might be able to do another Feb Photofest, Molly, although, due to circumstances, it might end up being a lot less kink-oriented, if I am going to post images I take just for the meme.

      Or I can always use pics we’ve already taken. ;-) Count me in (at least tentatively)!


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