News Flash!

We bought a house.


Our house is a very very very old house, with no cats in the yard...

We closed on it Friday.



Now we begin the renovations before we move in in January.

First up: tear out the (newly installed) tile to reveal the wood floor beneath it in the breakfast room.  This is what the tile looked like (well, still does until we rip it all out):


I hated the tile from this first walk-thru.


There's wood under there!

Ad got first blood:


Hanging drapes is tough business.

W got first pee.


Felix got first poo.


(No, I’m not going to show it!)

I got a key, and a promotion to project manager.


So, long story short, I may be scarce around here for awhile – I have a feeling this new-old house is going to take up a lot of my time and energy. But I’ll try to poke my head (and other parts) in here every so often.

Stay sexy, stay kinky, keep the fires burning while I’m gone!


  1. SassyCat

    It’s a BEAUTIFUL house! I have read 3 sex bloggers in the last 24 hours that are involved in closing and coming close to purchasing homes. You will truly enjoy making it you own, I’m sure of that.
    Congratulations again. Looking forward to seeing the updated photos of all your work around the house. ;)


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